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The Siemens Stiftung will honour the 1st prize-winner with a sum of 50,000 EUR. The second prize is valued at 30,000 EUR, the third at 20,000 EUR and a further 5,000 EUR will be awarded to 20 runners up. A Community Prize will also be awarded with a prize of hardware to the value of 5,000 Euro. 

The winners will further receive promotion on an international scale with global public relations activities ensuring wide visibility. They will become members of an international Network that offers essential support, valuable know-how, helpful insights and connections.


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Entries will be evaluated according to:

- Potential of project to help solve basic supply problems

- Technical feasibility with regard to resources at hand, functionality and reliability in local conditions

- (Social) Business concept regarding job creation and replicability

- Financial sustainability potential

- Environmental performance

Technologies for Basic Needs

Siemens Stiftung has initiated this worldwide innovation award to identify appropriate technical solutions for implementation in developmental activities. The combination of technological innovations, entrepreneurial approaches and capacity building is  considered to be the key driver in the improvement of living conditions in emerging countries. The aim of the “empowering people. Award” and the "empowering people. Network" is therefore to connect innovative solutions for basic supply problems in developing countries with potential partners, investors and other key players in development work.


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Jury 2015


See for yourself the international high class jury that will select the main winners on the "empowering people. Award 2015"!

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Winners 2012

The "empowering people. Award" 2012 was a great success! On October 30th, 2013, a total of 23 winners were honored at the Award Ceremony in Nairobi, Kenia.

The winning solutions greatly helped to sustainably improve living conditions in developing countries by enabling people to independently better their supply of basic needs. These innovations focused on the most crucial supply challenges, many of them attracted immense interest among players from different fields of development work after the Award.

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Nominate a winning solution to the “empowering people. Award 2015” and you could win yourself a trip to the Award Ceremony in 2016! Find out what to do and how to do it here!




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Launch Event

With numerous viewers and guests, the Siemens Stiftung officially launched the "empowering people. Award 2015". The event, which was transmitted around the globe via livestream, included innovations, insights and interviews with the team and past winners.

Read our Storify on the launch of the Award and take a look at some of the images in our gallery.