Agora Partnerships: Human Potential + Capital = Impact

January 13, 2014

In our newsroom you can find many examples illustrating the incredible work of social entrepreneurs worldwide. With their innovative ideas they help thousands of people to improve their daily lives. But who is actually helping the entrepreneurs to get their businesses going?

This is where actors like Agora Partnerships come into play. The organization focuses on assistance for entrepreneurs in Central America, helping them to turn their vision into a profitable business. After all, a good idea is never enough. Social entrepreneurs face huge challenges when it comes to upfront capital, leadership skills or business know-how.

Therefore, Agora Partnerships has designed the Impact Accelerator program. Every year, the organization selects up to 30 promising entrepreneurs from Latin America whose early-stage businesses help solving social and economic problems in their communities. This year’s class contains 27 fellows from 13 countries and all of them have one goal: create more impact. Ariel Chait is one of them; his IT company offers mobile technology solutions in the area of agriculture. Through the Accelerator program, he receives support in various areas: Consulting services, workshops and seminars help the entrepreneur to improve his business model and his own skills. During an Investor conference, he has the opportunity to convince impact investors of his company’s potential. Ariel Chait is delighted to meet mentors, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs: “It’s great to learn from the stories of the other entrepreneurs. We believe what we learn here will lead to the growth of our social impact.”

For Agora Partnerships, there is one simple formula: Human Potential + Capital = Impact. Providing talented and passionate social entrepreneurs with knowledge, contacts and financial capital, they do what their fellows do: empowering people.

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David Hoffmann
David Hoffmann

David Hoffmann is member of the “empowering people. Award” team at the Siemens Stiftung (foundation). He holds degrees in Economics and Geography and has worked on development issues in the European Parliament and the German Embassy in Moldova. He also worked as project coordinator for humanitarian disaster aid missions.


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