Do you have questions about the empowering people. Expert service? See if you can find your answers here. The answers are divided in four sections: Program, Mission, Application/Requirements as well as the hosting projects themselves. - If you have any further questions, feel free to contact experteer@siemens-stiftung.org

Questions on the service

The epExpert service is initiated by Siemens Stiftung to support the member organizations of its empowering people. Network and is supported by MovingWorlds.org. Its aim is to further empower these organizations by connecting them to skilled volunteers (expert) that will help them face challenges and seize new opportunities by helping them overcome workforce and/ or skill gaps. Siemens Stiftung supports the hosting member organization of the empowering people. Network by sending out the expert and partially funding his mission.

When an expert goes volunteering, we call that a field mission. There is no religious affiliation.

Yes, it is possible to be part of multiple expert missions. During a selection process the most suitable expert is matched to the tasks requested by the hosting organizations.

Siemens Stiftung will cover the costs of a direct economy return-flight to the field mission location and pay an additionally dialy meal allowance between 25-50 Euro depending on the destination country. The hosting organization provides a place to live and work. Simply put, an expert should not have to pay to participate in the ep Expert service, but he will not make money either. Please keep in mind that every organization has a budget to provide basic travel possibilities, daily meals and accommodation, no first class or five-star service shall be funded as part of this program.

The reimbursement is done by Siemens Stiftung after a joint contract is signed and the return flight is booked.

No, there is no participation fee for the program. However, we require interested individuals to apply via https://movingworlds.org which has a membership fee of $125. This membership fee ensures that only serious applications of experts are submitted. In the event that you apply for the epExpert service but are not accepted MovingWorlds also offers a wide range of experteering possibilities outside of this program.

Before each mission there are Skype calls with the hosting organization intended. The hosting organization and the expert will jointly fill in a ‘Planning guide’ that serves as a amendment to the contract between Siemens Stiftung and the expert and ensures that both parties have a common understanding of the mission. The expert will be guided through this process. In addition, MovingWorlds will provide online resources and an online training to prepare the applicant to be an effective expert, and also provide him with international travel tips.

After each mission there will be a debriefing call. The expert will also be encouraged to write a testimonial, and also share photos and stories.

Yes. Siemens Stiftung will provide a basic travel health insurance, a accident insurance as well as a personal liability insurance for the expert that is negotiated with the german insurance company Barmenia ( www.barmenia.de ) - all insurance conditions will be amended to the contract with the expert.

However, we also advise the experts to consult their local embassy and inform themselves about the need of additional insurances.

No. Programs are competitive. If you are not selected into the ep.Expert program, you can still use your MovingWorlds membership to find other projects. On https://movingworlds.org you can find more information on the different projects.

Questions on the Mission

The duration of an expert mission depends on the task of the expertand the agreement between the expert and the hosting organization. We usually expect the workload during the mission to be similar to a 40h work-week – this may however vary depending on the local circumstances. During the guided planning process the expert will discuss this with his host and settle on a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Siemens Stiftung will reimburse the expert for his travel expenses and provide a daily meal allowance, the hosting organization will be responsible for accommodation – which means that, beyond investing time and talents there is no additional investment necessary.

No, Siemens Stiftung will provide a modest budget to cover expenses. Travel, living, and meal standards will be simple but enough to make the expert comfortable.

It depends on the respective task that the expert will face, but generally he will work within an intercultural team that tries to solve an urgent problem for the hosting organization while transferring skills and know-how. The expert mission is only sustainable if the expert knowledge remains within the hosting organization which means that the expert mission is also about sharing knowledge and skills.

A typical mission lasts a minimum 3 weeks to a maximum of about 4 months. Each hosting organization will request an expert work for a specific amount of time. Once selected, the expert and the hosting organization will finalize the exact dates and duration of the mission.

The expert will stay with the hosting organization who is responsible for providing a place to live and work.

The expert might need to have to apply for a working permit prior to his stay. A section in the guided planning process will have the expert discuss this with the hosting organization.  We also suggest that the expert consults his local embassy.

The expert may need to get special vaccinations or medication prior to or during his/her stay. We suggest that he consults a doctor prior to his mission and reviews online guides for travel safety information. Additional guidance will be provided to him during the planning process as part of the planning checklist.


Yes. You have to be full legal age in your respective home country and a minimum of 21 years old. We remind you that the epExpert service is looking for professionals providing specialized knowledge and we do screen for previous work experience.

After choosing the most relevant opportunities, interested experts register with MovingWorlds, set up their profile and apply for the job opportunity of their choice. To ensure commitment, you must first become a paying member of MovingWorlds.org. After screening all relevant applications, Siemens Stiftung and the hosting organization will select several applicants for a phone interview. Afterwards the hosting organization will select the final expert and extend a formal offer of acceptance.

Jointly, the hosting organization and expert will work together to complete the ‘Experteering Planning Guide’ provided by MovingWorlds.

The applicant can expect an initial response to his application within 14 days. Final candidates will be notified typically within 30 days.

Yes, that is possible. Nevertheless we ask the applicants to apply only to the most relevant projects.

Yes, but we are looking for the most suitable expert to support the hosting organization in solving their problem and thereby contributing to make a real impact in the world.

MovingWorlds helps people find the right volunteering project all over the world. MovingWorlds provides planning support, training, and resources to help you have an effective Experteering trip. The MovingWorlds membership serves as an indicator that you are truly committed to be an expert and allows us to support you through this program.

In the application, the expert will be asked to provide specific information on the motivation of the application and his individual skills. We carefully review all applications and do a full screen of the expert's profile and resume, so make sure to complete your profile online and upload your resume. 

While very unlikely, it is possible that, once the expert starts planning with his/her hosting organization, he might decide that they are not a good fit for each other. In this case, we will help the expert find a solution that fits all interests.

Questions on the Projects

The epExpert service only supports projects of members of the empowering people. Network. All hosting organizations are personally known to the staff of the Siemens Stiftung and have proven to do valuable development work for years. Each hosting organization was given the chance to ask for epExpert support such as facing technical challenge, providing training and coaching teams and individuals, leading a consulting project.

Many of the epExpert missions take place in developing countries which includes an inherent risk through higher crime rates, low medical standards etc. that every expert should be aware of. However, all organizations have been working in their field and their respective location for some time and they will do their best to minimize the risk for the expert and staff. Siemens Stiftung cannot be held responsible for security problems during the field mission. During the guided planning process, the expert will discuss safety and security risks with his hosting organization. As part of the planning materials, the expert will also be provided with travel tips. Additionally we suggest to check the travel tips of the respective embassy.

We ask the applicants not to contact the host organization before we reach out to them. The epExpert service follows an established and efficient process that allows to keep the workload of the hosting organization at a low level. Once an applicant is matched with the organization he can use the platform to discuss the project and to ask any further questions.

We invite you to visit their respective website, search the internet or send us an email to experteer(at)siemens-stiftung.org.