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    empowering people. Workshop

    We look back on a successful week in Amsterdam, where we have gained a lot of new insights in the field of organizational development and won new friends from all over the world. Find out more...
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    "Zikomo Zambia" – a documentary film

    The empowering people. Network sent Ricardo Braun, Brazilian biologist and filmmaker, to the Practical Impact Alliance (PIA) Co-Design Summit in Zambia last year, where he captured authentic impressions of the event and the environment with his camera.Read more...
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    The empowering people. Network won an Impact.Engineered Award

    Carola Schwank, head of the network, accepted the "Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals Award" in New York.Read more here...
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    OneDollarGlasses in Burkina Faso

    Martin Aufmuth, inventor and managing director of ODG travelled for the first time to to the “Land of the Sincere Man” and portrayed his impressions...Read more here...
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    Where the real work gets done...

    Our first epExpert volunteer Brian is currently working with the AID Foundation in the Philippines! Follow his experiences first- hand....Read more
  • The "empowering people. Network"

    The "empowering people. Network"

    Welcome to the network! Learn more about the constantly growing possibilities within the network and discover the amazing innovations in the Solutions section!
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    Become an epExpert!

    Siemens Stiftung pilots its new service and is looking for professional experts who are willing to voluntarily donate their time and skills to support members of our empowering people. Network in their field work. An amazing opportunity to work in a new context and within intercultural teams! Browse all opportunities
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We made it!

The empowering people. Network won an Impact.Engineered Award for Corporate Philanthropy Advancing the Sustainable Development Goals!

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Solutions Database

See some of the most promising innovations which try to solve basic supply problems around the globe.

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SAMforSE Assessment

Is my company doing well and what works?

These are familiar questions asked by many forward-thinking social entrepreneurs. Though the question is quite simple, the answer is often complex and influenced by many factors.

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epExpert Service

Siemens Stiftung is looking for professionals who are interested in voluntarily supporting some of our empowering people. Network member organisations in the field, while Siemens Stiftung is covering the travel & living expenses.

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Network Update

November 2017

This month's empowering people. Update features blogposts about our recent epWorkshop in Amsterdam, latest news about the activities in the network, interesting events, dates and much more.

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Narratives can be a real asset for an inclusive business. Entrepreneurs can use storytelling to reach their network of investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

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Drought in East Africa

...and how Siemens Stiftung can help. Caroline Weimann has been onsite and reports how safe water kiosks help to tackle some of the problems.

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