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    Social Enterprises as Job Creators: Four Ways the Sector Can Boost Employment Opportunities in Africa

    In this post, Carola Schwank takes a deeper dive into Siemens Stiftung's recommended set of interventions to support SE job growth in Africa, including: financial support, technical support, improvements to the enabling environment and improvements to data availability.Take a look
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    Catalyzers of social innovation in under served markets: The case of IoT technologies
    Internet-of-things (IoT) is one of the key components of the information and communication infrastructure needed for social impact creation in under served markets. More from guest author, Dr. Eugenia Rosca.Get informed
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    Our look back on 2020
    It goes without saying that 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for so many of us across the globe. Let’s take a look at some reflections directly from us, your epNetwork team.Find out more
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    Africa needs Decent and Impactful Jobs – Now and for the Future!
    By 2030, it is estimated that 1 million jobs can be created in 12 select African countries through the efforts of social enterprises. Support is needed from the international development ecosystem. Read the blog post
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    Interview with Dr. Sebastian Groh (SOLshare): Seeking Impact Investment – Experiences from a Social Entrepreneur
    SOLshare's revolutionary approach brings affordable solar energy to everyone in Bangladesh and beyond. In this interview, its Founder and Managing Director, Dr. Sebastian Groh, explains their journey in attracting impact investment.Find out more
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    Karen Hitschke from Yunus Social Business: The Role of Local Networks and Personal Interaction
    In our interview we talked with the Managing Director of Yunus Social Business about the need of personal interaction for social entrepreneurs.Find out more
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    An interview with BiD Network’s Huseyin R Demirhisar: “Good Technology is Mutually Beneficial.”
    BiD Network supports local entrepreneurs in East Africa. In this interview, its CEO Huseyin R Demirhisar talks about building entrepreneurial ecosystems and business documentation for attracting investors.Read more
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    An interview with ARED’s Henri Nyakarundi: “Fundraising is about networking”
    Based in Rwanda, Henri is the founder of ARED and a member of epNetwork. In this interview he talks about the importance of platforms and the need to be in touch with local investors.Read more
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    Discussions about how to Improve Social Financing are recurrent – and that’s the way it should be
    In this blog post, Leo Nima and Dr. Aline Laucke of Studio Nima take a look at social financing and impact investment in closer detail. Siemens Stiftung’s new report ‘How Digital Solutions May Enhance Social Financing’ explores this topic in depth, and discussions have shown that financing for SocEnts won’t be a one-size-fits-all solution. Learn more
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    Checking in with our epA 2019 winners – a blog series: Livox
    From our 11-part blog series, we are checking in with our empowering people. Award (epA) 2019 winners. Here, we spoke with Carlos Pereira, CEO of Livox, to see what he and his team have been up to since our most recent award ceremony in Cairo last July. Check in now
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    Keeping our network alive during Covid-19: Lessons learned and digital ways of connecting
    In a typical year, the empowering people. Network meets with its social entrepreneurs in person for epOnsites, workshops, seminars, etc. With Covid-19, in person meetings were replaced with digital formats. Here is a look at some lessons and learnings from the network's foray into the digital way of meeting.Get inspired
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SE as Job Creators in Africa

The study looked a job creating as well as job inhibiting factors for Social Entreprises based on different country contexts, in addition to demographic perspectives related to the African job market.

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Finance & Digitization

The report "How Digital Solutions May Enhance Social Financing" offers in-depth analyses and expert opinions on the current financing situation for social enterprises and possible digital solutions.

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Innovative Financing

In a Round Table that took place in Cairo in July 2019, two recurrent themes cut across the experts that discussed specific questions: partly automated data generation systems as well as matchmaking by pooling different sources of capital.

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Solutions Database

We aim to identify and foster innovative technology that tries to solve basic supply problems around the globe. See some of the most promising solutions in our database.

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epExpert Service

Siemens Stiftung is looking for professionals who are interested in voluntarily supporting some of our empowering people. Network member organisations in the field, while Siemens Stiftung is covering the travel & living expenses.

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