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    Expert Round Table and Resulting Report Point to Fresh Financing Approaches for Social Entrepreneurs

    Carola Schwank, Head of epN/Development Cooperation, speaks to fresh insights within the new ‘Innovative Financing for Social Entrepreneurs' report and how the Foundation's partners and round table participants helped shed new light on social development’s biggest hurdle: financing.Read more...
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    Innovative Financing for Social Entrepreneurs
    New report presents results and reflections from Siemens Stiftung’s international Expert Round Table in Cairo and points to fresh financing approaches – a first step on the way forward to promising solutions.Read more...
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    Building a Social Enterprise From the Ground Up – the Story of Imara Tech
    An interview with Imara Tech co-founders, Elliot Avila and Alfred Chengula - their story of building a social enterprise from the ground up and how the Tanzanian-based start-up has persevered through struggle and failure to end up where it is today.Read more...
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    La historia de TRIEX: nuestra travesía como “empresa gestionada por empleados y propiedad de los mismos”
    Entrevista con la fundadora y directora de TRIEX, Ana Luisa Arocena, sobre la fundación de TRIEX, sistemas de residuos peligrosos en Uruguay, y como TRIEX fue pionera en las gestión de residuos peligrosos donde antes no había otra alternativa.Lea más....
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    The TRIEX Story – Our Journey as an ‘Employee Owned & Operated Company’
    An interview with TRIEX founder and director, Ana Luisa Arocena, on the creation of TRIEX, hazardous waste systems in Uruguay, and how TRIEX pioneered some hazardous waste management that previously didn't have alternatives.Read more...
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    Two Special Award Winners Epitomize What it Means to be Social Entrepreneurs
    To recognize a Water & Sanitation initiative that fits the bill as a smart, technical solution, Knorr-Bremse Global Care presented a €20,000 Special WASH Award. Furthermore, Siemens Stiftung presented the €10,000 Community Prize to the organization that received the most votes in our online community voting.Get inspired...
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    The Future Looks Bright – a Spotlight on our Top 3 epAward2019 Winners
    The latest empowering people. Award (epAward) ceremony held in Cairo in July, 2019 honored the important work of our new empowering people. Network (epNetwork) members. Here is a profile on our Top 3 winners highlighting current projects, what is in the pipeline, and more.Read more...
  • Meet our jury here...
    Recognizing our respected jury members
    Representing some of the world’s foremost social development organizations, our jury played a major role in selecting the winners of this year’s epAward in Cairo and more. We are grateful for your tremendous contributions to epNetwork and look forward to collaborating with you in the future.Meet our jury here...
  • Meet the winners
    Meet the epAward 2019 Winners!
    After almost a year or work, three rounds of evaluation and a final pitching session in front of the international jury, we are proud to present the winners of the empowering people. Award 2019!Meet the winners

Winners 2019

Have a look at the epAward 2019 winners!

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Innovative Financing

In a Round Table that took place in Cairo in July 2019, two recurrent themes cut across the experts that discussed specific questions: partly automated data generation systems as well as matchmaking by pooling different sources of capital.

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Solutions Database

We aim to identify and foster innovative technology that tries to solve basic supply problems around the globe. See some of the most promising solutions in our database.

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Storytelling Online Tool

Learn how stories of your enterprise can become an asset for your company and change your business life. Develop your own social enterprise storyline in our Storytelling Online Tool.



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epExpert Service

Siemens Stiftung is looking for professionals who are interested in voluntarily supporting some of our empowering people. Network member organisations in the field, while Siemens Stiftung is covering the travel & living expenses.

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Network Update

September 2019

This month's empowering people. Update features interesting blogposts, latest news about the activities in the network as well as events, dates and much more.

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Handpicking the Best Entries for epAward 2019

Our technical evaluation partner AT-Association examined each and every submitted project to choose the top solutions competing to win this year's award.

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Shortlisted Solutions are Highly Impactful and Scalable

Impact investment experts Intellecap assessed the business sustainability of shortlisted entries to narrow down to the best!

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The Art of Pitching

epNetwork members and award winners share handy tips to inspire our 11 finalists before the big pitch at the epAward ceremony. Know the absolute do's and don'ts to grab the attention and create an impression.

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