The network carries out various projects to support those working in sustainable entrepreneurship. Whether you are an innovator or social entrepreneur, take a look at our offerings to see how you can receive support.

empowering people. Award

Siemens Stiftung identifies technological innovations with potential in the most pressing categories of basic supply through this Award. A team of jury members reviews the best entries regarding the innovative technical and entrepreneurial approach and the solutions’ potential social impact. The winners get connected to relevant organizations, receive access to respective programs and support opportunities of our Network. The top three winners are awarded 50,000 (1st), 30,000 (2nd) and 20,000 Euros (3rd). The Award has been awarded in 2013 and 2016, and our jury is currently assessing the applications for the Award 2019.

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Award 2019

Find out about the Award's winners 2019, the international jury and all the updates around epA2019.

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Discover training materials of the last epOnsite workshops on 'Market Research & Customer Relations' as well as on 'External communications'.

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empowering people. Onsite

Social entrepreneurs face complex challenges in organization, market or administration. To equip teams working onsite, the Network offers skills training and practical advice to help social businesses work more efficiently. The so called empowering people.Onsite is a regionally-based and hands-on program of training opportunities. The epOnsite workshops cover the diverse geographical locations of our epNetwork members and deal with different topics, they provide relevant knowledge and a forum to discuss problems of daily work.

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The self-assessment online-tool SAMforSE provides helpful self-analysis on 11 aspects of relevance for impact-driven businesses and organizations. It is geared toward the ecosystem and business model of social enterprises. The aim of the advisory process is to provide social enterprises with deeper insights and sound recommendations for their business. An additional help & support -section presents a selection of webinars, tutorials and useful contacts. SAMforSE is combined with a voucher support program that offers an expert consultancy contingent.

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epExpert Opportunities

Browse the current experteering opportunities

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empowering people. Expert Service

From time to time especially small organizations face large challenges in their development due to either an unavailability of the skills needed or simply because they cannot afford the fitting workforce. The empowering people. Expert Service program is looking for specialists voluntarily donating their time and skill set and thereby addressing these issues.

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empowering people. Workshop

Leveraging the power of collective knowledge, our empowering people. Workshop provides a platform for social entrepreneurs to come together and exchange ideas and experience. Held at different points around the globe, the workshops specialize in various topics and provide expert-based learning.

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