Get to know the team of the empowering people. Network!

Carola Schwank

Head of empowering people. Network

Carola joined Siemens Stiftung in 2009 and works within the area of Development Cooperation. She is in charge of empowering people. Network and leads the empowering people. Award (2012-2019). Her focus areas are entrepreneurial models in basic supply sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa along with a cooperation project which combines basic supply, job creation and knowledge transfer. Carola studied German, History, Political Science and Sociology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and has over twenty years of professional experience in various fields of communications and social responsibility at the Siemens AG. You can follow her @Carola1512.

Sabine Baumeister

Senior Project Manager

Sabine is senior project manager in the area of Development Cooperation at Siemens Stiftung since 2009. She is a part of empowering people. Network team and responsible for the empowering people. Onsite and the empowering people. Workshop programs. Sabine studied Languages and Literature at the LMU Munich, and has more than ten years of experience in various fields of communications at the Siemens AG, where she focused on online media and corporate volunteering. She feeds the Twitter-channel @SiemensStiftung and you can follow her also @s_baumeister.

David Hoffmann

Project Manager


David Hoffmann is a development economist and geographer with a strong focus on social technology start-ups in developing regions. His main interests are the structural and financial barriers that prevent them from achieving greater social impact. He has supported early- stage start-ups around the globe in their business stabilization process and is constantly looking for ways to support them in their systemic change process. David continues to volunteer as coordinator for humanitarian disaster aid missions. You can follow him @davidutt

Ann-Kristin Schmidt

Working Student

Ann-Kristin Schmidt joined Siemens Stiftung in September 2018 as a working student in the area of Development Cooperation in empowering people. Network. She studied International Cultural and Business Studies (B.A.) in Passau and Guadalajara, Mexico with a focus on Latin America, International Politics and Geography. Ann-Kristin is currently a student of Human Geography and Sustainability (M.Sc.) at LMU Munich.

Jessica Sandler

Working Student

Jessica Sandler joined Siemens Stiftung in 2019 as a working student at empowering people. Network. She studied Social Economics with an international focus (B.A.) in Nuremberg and Montpellier, France. She is currently a student of the master’s program Development Economics and International Studies (M.A.) at the FAU in Nuremberg. Since 2018 Jessica is the chairwoman of the United Nations Society Nuremberg e.V. and runs the UNICEF junior team of Nuremberg.