Join our online Bootcamp on Inclusive Innovation! Discover, define, develop and deliver the next breakthrough innovation for BoP markets. We are looking for entrepreneurs working on innovative products in rapidly expanding sectors such as low-end technology, sustainable energy, food/agriculture and water/sanitation.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to create or improve a product or service together with low-income groups?

Join the bootcamp on "Inclusive Innovation" and learn from the best inclusive innovation cases and experts.

What is Inclusive Innovation?

Inclusive Innovation is the entrepreneurial development of something new with impact together with low-income groups. They create impact whether incremental or game changing and go beyond the pure invention process. They balance financial and social return for the entrepreneur or corporate company developing and implementing it as the objective is to create positive economic and social impact for entrepreneurs, corporate companies and consumers.

Inclusive innovations come in many forms:

● A new product (e.g. a bigoas based milk cooling unit for small holder dairy farmer developed by SimGas)
● A new service (e.g. high quality affordable care of Narayana Health in India)
● A product service system (e.g. the Kibo motorcycle taxi in Kenya that provides training to drivers and an app to show driver proximity to passengers)
● A new business model (e.g. Pay per use model of energy provider M-Kopa in Kenya)
● A new value chain actor (e.g.  JITA in Bangladesh distributing to rural places or Guts Agro Industry Plc in Ethiopia).

Learn how to use Inclusive Innovation techniques

The online bootcamp will take you through modules in which you get access to the latest industry insights on Inclusive Innovation. You will have the chance to strengthen your capabilities and use a variety of tools to discover, define, develop and deliver inclusive innovations. Participants get to interact with experts and participants from businesses around the world.

Join the Bootcamp!

Registration is open up from 1 February until 31 March 2016. The online bootcamp will take place from April 4th until May 1st.

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If you want to know more about the Bootcamp, you can contact Sabine Baumeister from the epNetwork here.

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The online bootcamp will be structured in 4 modules over a 4-week period. Each module consists of videos, background reading material and an assignment. In each module there is room to interact with other course participants. Experts are also active on the forum and will provide feedback on assignments. You will spend approximately 3 hours per week including ~1 hour of individual online reading.

Win free coaching sessions!

When you submit all 4 assignments during the online bootcamp you will receive tailored feedback from the organizers and you have a chance to be selected as winner of 4x 1 hour of personal coaching from an Inclusive Innovation expert. Make sure you send in quality assignments and you will be among the contestants for the coaching sessions!



The Bootcamp is designed to fit the needs of Social Entrepreneurs, working in developing countries. Members of the “empowering people. Network” of Siemens Stiftung, members of the IB Accelerator, members of the Engineering for Change community and everyone who is interested in social entrepreneurship is welcome to register.


  • February 1st, 2016: Registration for Bootcamp opens
  • March 31st, 2016 Registration process closes
  • April 4th, 2016: Module 1 - Discover
  • April 13th, 2016: Module 2 - Define
  • April 20th 2016:  Module 3 - Develop
  • April 27th, 2016: Module 4 -Deliver
  • May 1st, 2016: Last day to submit assignments

Bootcamp Program

Four modules will cover the following learning points

Discover your capacity to innovate

  • What is inclusive innovation?
  • What is the innovator DNA?
  • What are the latest innovation trends?
  • Inspirational cases from the field

Define your innovation space

  • What is a “Job to be done”?
  • What is an user centric design?
  • What are the latest technology trends?
  • How does local context and competitive landscape influence innovation?

Develop your prototype

  • How to affordably prototype your idea?
  • Where to find innovators and collaborators
  • What are the available innovation networks?
  • What is the relation between corporate and SME venturing?

Deliver your market solution

  • What to validate in your innovation?
  • How to pilot?
  • What are appropriate financial and legal frameworks?
  • How to engage communities in the delivery?


Read Bertil van Vugt's interview with the "empowering people. Network" about the Inclusive Business Accelerator initiative (IBA).

Amongst other things, Bertil is the platform director of IBA and knows everything about the bootcamp.

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The bootcamp on Inclusive Innovation is an initiative of IB Accelerator and the “empowering people. Network” of Siemens Stiftung

This bootcamp is supported by Engineering for Change, BoPInc and VC4Africa.

Bootcamp Format

The Bootcamp on Inclusive Innovation is the second edition of the format that is hosted by the "empowering people. Network" and the IB Accelerator. The pilot took place in fall 2015 and treated the topic of "Market Research".

Flyer on "Market Research"