One activity in our "empowering people. Network" is a regionally-based and hands-on program of training opportunities: the “empowering people. Onsite”. The epOnsite workshops cover the diverse geographical locations of our epNetwork members and deal with different topics. Our last epOnsite in Panaruban, Indonesia treated questions on Market Research & Customer Insights. See what’s happening on Twitter: #epOnsite.

epOnsite in Panaruban, March 2016


The "empowering people. Network" finally came to Asia – to Panaruban, Indonesia! From March 9 -12, we met with members of the network who work and/or operate in the region. The topic was once again "Market Research & Customer Insights". We were happy to be able to count on support of epNetwork member IBEKA and our partner adelphi.

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epOnsite in Bishoftu, September 2015


The third epOnsite took place in Africa once again - this time in Bishoftu, Ethiopia. From September 13-16, our network members were invited to learn more about a new topic: Customer identification and Market research methods, facilitated through our partners from adelphi.

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epOnsite in Bogotá, May 2015


After a successful inauguration of the concept in Uganda last year, Siemens Stiftung launched a second epOnsite in the focus region of Latin America. Once again covering the important topic of communications skills, several organizations that are based or are operating in the region were invited to deepen their knowledge with expert sessions and practical training.


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epOnsite in Jinja, September 2014

From September 25-27, the first “empowering people. Onsite” took place in Jinja, Uganda. With this pilot, the Siemens Stiftung has been aiming to start a series of hands-on oriented workshops providing training opportunities for members of the “empowering people. Network” (epN): "empowering people. Onsite".

To read more about the first ever epOnsite you can see here all information about the workshop in Jinja.


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