Mexico 2014

Some impression from the various events of the "empowering people. Network" alongside the Global Social Business Summit 2014.

We spent some very exciting days in Mexico City, where we held and participated a range of events alongside the Global Social Business Summit 2014 (GSBS).

Our research network IRENE|SEE was presenting partner at the Grameen Social Business Research Conference and highlighted the panel discussion

"Cultivating an Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurs – The role of Investors, Researchers and Philanthropy" which started with “Insights from an exploratory study on social enterprises and social investors in Colombia, Mexico, Kenya and South Africa"conducted by our IRENE|SEE researchers.

We meet lots of old friends and welcomed new members to the network at the "empowering people. Workshop" which focused on the important topic of impact measurement. To find the respective own measurement strategy is a learning journey. And even if there might not exist one ultimate truth, the knowledge-exchange between the participants was very lively and also very open-minded. Finally we had the chance to attend the GSBS and present some of the products of our "empowering people. Network" members to a large community within the Social Business/Social Entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Experience some of the moments of Mexico!

Hasta luego y gracias por todo!

Grameen Social Business Research Conference

  • IRENE|SEE researchers with Nobel Laureate Prof. Yunus
  • Nathalie von Siemens attending the Research Conference
  • Prof. Yunus and Rolf Huber in discussions about Social Business
  • IRENE|SEE researchers Fikru Arja presents the findings of his PhD studies
  • Lots of interaction at the summit
  • Prof. Johanna Mair from Hertie School of Governance in Berlin
  • Interested audience
  • Janelle Kerlin, researcher from the Georgia State University
  • Alfred Mthimkhulu from South Africa during his presentation
  • One of the panels
  • The local, Mario Cesar Dávila Aguirre from Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • Aline Wachner from Zeppelin University during her panel
  • Tim Weiss from Zeppelin University

empowering people. Workshop

  • Sabine Baumeister, Project Manager of the "empowering people. Network" welcomes the participants.
  • Haron Wachira explains how he measures his social impact
  • Sanne Castro from the SimGas
  • Mirko Zürker from the SEED Initiative during his presentation
  • Caroline Weimann informs herself about the other participants
  • Michael Vollmann, Ashoka Germany, presents the Social Reporting Standard
  • Intensive sessions all around
  • Prof. Wolfgang Hein, German Institute of Global and Area Studies
  • Sessions in the Innovation Space
  • Haron Wachira and Wolfgang Hein
  • Sanne Castro and Sara Tollefson
  • Gang Chen
  • Interested audience
  • Marius Weckel from Smart Hydro Power
  • James Nguo during the feedback session
  • Jose Alcocer

Cultivating an Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurs

  • Nathalie von Siemens before the event
  • Aline Wachner and Sanne Castro having fun
  • Tim Weiss during the presentation of his findings
  • Fikru Arja is listening intensively
  • The panelists
  • Aline Wachner presenting
  • Rodrigo Villar
  • Moderator Leonhard Nima
  • IRENE|SEE researcher Lisa Hanley
  • Jorge Camil
  • Katia Dumont
  • Questions from the audience
  • Networking reception
  • Networking reception
  • Networking reception
  • Parts of the IRENE|SEE team
  • Marius Weckel and Sanne Castro discussing

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Daniel Kapellmann is, amongst other things, a Mexican blogger and he attended the epWorkshop as well. See how he experienced that day! You can find him @Kapellmann and

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Panel Discussion

Read Leonard Nima's report about "Cultivating an Ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurs – The Role of Investors, Researchers and Philanthropy" here..

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