empowering people. Award is back. It aims to identify simple technological innovations with business potential and make them accessible in developing areas. Find all information about the innovation challenge here.


Find out more about the origin of the Award submissions, their distribution as well as the main categories.

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Technology Innovation Award

We have received nearly 800 applications!  Thank you to all participants, to our partners and supporters for promoting the award!

Currently, the jury members are reviewing all submitted innovations. The winners will be announced and awarded in Summer 2019.

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Main winners: 50,000 Euros, 30,000 Euros, 20,000 Euros

Runners-up: 7 x 10,000 Euros each

Special WASH Award supported by Knorr Bremse Global Care: 20,000 Euros

Community Prize: 10,000 Euros

Additional benefits: All winners gain from a long-term membership in empowering people. Network that offers various support opportunities plus the solutions will be endorsed in the online Solutions Database to bring them under an international spotlight enhancing scope and impact.


Let us introduce the international high-profile jury who will select the winners of empowering people. Award 2019!

Meet the jury...


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TechnologyTechnical functionality and feasibility, Environmental performance

Social impact: Potential to help solve basic supply problems, Income generation, job and training opportunities

Business: Business model and financial resource, Proof of Concept, Financial planning and scaling options

Team: Team competence and experience, organizational structure


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Supporting Partners

We're happy to be supported by three wonderful organizations for empowering people. Award 2019. They are not only supporting us with their extensive network but also with their expertise, experience and knowledge! A very special thank you to...


Engineering For Change - MIT Development Lab - Technology Exchange Lab

Engineering For Change

Engineering For Change

MIT Development Lab

MIT Development Lab