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Dear friends, dear members of the "empowering people. Network",

in our culture we are in the midst of preparations for Christmas, which is one of the most important holidays of the year. Usually you spend these days with family and friends, with traditional food, a Christmas tree, some presents and hopefully (but unlikely) some snow.

Before we disappear into our „end-of-the-year“-break, please allow us a short retrospect:

2014 was very exciting for us! We launched the “empowering people. Network” – a network of (social) entrepreneurs and innovators, through which we aim to provide a ground for partnership, consultancy, research, technology transfer and entrepreneurial thinking.

We hosted the first epOnsite-Workshop on “Communications” in Uganda with network members from East Africa. Our Solutions Database continues to grow and we took part in our first webinar, hosted by E4C. In November, we had an exciting and fruitful week in Mexico City, including - amongst other things - the publication of research findings and an "empowering people. Workshop"on Impact Measurement.

In 2015 the “empowering people Network” will deliver more exciting news, more epOnsite-Workshops, more solutions in the database and also research will still play a role, as we strongly believe in the connection of research and practice - to quote our managing director Nathalie von Siemens: “one plus one does not equal two, but so much more“.  But before all this happens, we send  you our best wishes for Christmas – even if some of you do not celebrate this in your culture – and a very happy, healthy and successful new year, full of blessings!

Finally, let us thank you for a successful and enriching year – the journey of the “empowering people. Network” continues in 2015 and we’re glad that you’ll be a part of it!

Have some lovely holidays with your family and loved ones!

Best regards, Carola, Beate, Sabine, David and Magdalena


New in the epN Solutions Database

AIDFI Ram Pump

A purely hydraulic water pump.

Environmentally friendly disposal of biomedical waste

A clean way to dispose clinical waste.

A manual precision seed and fertilizer planter for female farmers

A hand operated planting aid.


epN in the E4C-Webinar: Simple but Intelligent Solutions for People with Health Restrictions

“E4C's approach is to provide a common forum for facilitating connection, collaboration, knowledge exchange and content aggregation with complete openness, transparency and accessibility.”

The winning solutions OneDollarGlasses and Leveraged Freedom Chair got to contribute to this kind of transparent knowledge exchange on technical solutions in the E4C Webinar on December 10th, hosted by our colleague Caroline Weimann.

In the Webinar, soon published on youtube, the epN members Mathilde Iweins and Tish Scolnik talked about their product’s impact in the lives of people with health restrictions not only in developing, but also developed countries. Following the talks, the presenters got to answer questions from a very interested and international audience.

You will find out about the publication on our Website soon and on https://www.engineeringforchange.org/


Joining forces to improve lives!

In preparations for the activities around our events in Mexico, we developed the new booklet explaining the ideas and activities of the "empowering people. Network".

Find out what it is about and download the booklet here...

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