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Dear friends and members of the empowering people. Network,

In this last Update in 2016 we invite you to explore vibrant topics around our Network, your Network!

Follow some epN members on their trip to Zambia and learn more about their Co-Creation experiences there. Meet a selection of recent epAward winners and their solutions, share Safe Travel’s joy about winning a regional African award or read about the importance of empathy with employees in social enterprises.

We also heartily re-invite the organizations within our Network family to apply our Self-Assessment-Manual for Social Entrepreneurs – SAMforSE – and thus to gain new insights into their own strengths and also challenges in only short time. The season around the end of the year could just be a perfect time to do that and to also to apply for a personal coaching voucher that promises a fruitful start into 2017!

We thank you for an amazing and exciting Network year and we are looking forward to staying in touch with you and to accompany you on your entrepreneurial journey through the New Year.

Until then, we wish you and your families a very happy and peaceful holiday season!

Your empowering people. Network team


Assess your business performance with SAMforSE

How can SAMforSE help optimize your organization? - Watch the video!

Get to know your organisation's strenghts and potentials with SAMforSE! Want to know how the free SAMforSE self-assessment tool for social entrepreneurs works? Watch a brief video with all the answers here!

Get started and apply for a 2000 € consulting voucher!

Find out if your social enterprise is doing well or if you could improve in order to make your enterprise more efficient. Use SAMforSE and apply for a
2000 € consulting voucher on www.samforse.org.


News from the Network and Beyond

epN member Safe Travel wins African Entrepreneurship Award!

Congratulations to Safe Travel by Achiri Nji for winning the African Entrepreneurship Award in the innovative category Uncharted! Safe travel is a monitoring app for emergency help and more road safety. The innovation is one of the follow-up winners of this year's empowering people. Award!

Learn more about Safe Travel here.

"Notes to self" - Insights from the Practical Impact Alliance (PIA) Co-Design Summit in Zambia

David from the epNetwork team just returned from his journey to Zambia where he attended the Practical Impact Alliance (PIA) Co-Design Summit, hosted by the D-Lab of MIT. Read his insights on the project and much more on the epN Blog.

Organizational Culture: The importance of Empathy

"If You Can’t Empathize with Your Employees, You’d Better Learn To". The Harvard Business Review has published an interesting article about one of the most important factors for creating a succesful organizational culture: Empathy. Read the whole article here.

Garbage Clinical Insurance: Trading garbage for healthcare

In October, Garbage Clinical Insurance was awarded the 2nd prize of the empowering people. Award. The micro-health insurance program transforms recyclable waste into a financial resource.

Learn more about the solution in this article by the guardian and watch the 2nd winner's video!

[Spanish] Article about epAward 3rd prize winner Barsha Pump

The Barsha Pump waterwheel helps farmers irrigate their fields by utilizing the energy from the flow of rivers and canals to pump water, regardless of the flow velocity.

Read more about the solution in this Spanish article and watch the 3rd winner's video here.

[Spanish] epN member GRIS - A water saving system designed in Colombia

Follow-up winner of the empowering people. Award GRIS is a simple water saving tool to capture and recycle all the water you use during a shower. Learn more about the solution in this Spanish article and watch our interview with Carlos Alberto Vasquez from GRIS.

The lifesaver - Spotlight on epAward winner Bempu

Innovations can save lives. So does the epAward winning solution Bempu. The Hypothermia Alert Bracelet for premature and newborn babies intuitively alerts a parent if the baby’s temperature drops. The guardian has portrayed the award winning innovation in this article.

[German] TV report on Safe Water Enterprise

In 2015, over 663 million people worldwide had to fetch water from polluted water sources. Safe Water Enterprise is a project venture by Siemens Stiftung offering a solution to this problem. The project supplies clean water and provides an opportunity for people to become self-employed.

Learn more about the project in this German TV report.


Events, Dates & More

Coming soon: New epNetwork webinar series on Social Finance!

You are looking for information about Social Finance? We can assist! Together with the Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE) we’re hosting a series of webinars starting in January 2017 and will also provide some useful resources about the topic on our website. Stay tuned!

To sweeten the waiting time, we have published the first blog post about Social Finance on the epNetwork blog!

SAG-SEED Starter workshop: incubation of new eco-enterprises in Kenya - Apply until 19 December!

Want to set up your own eco-inclusive enterprise in Kenya? Apply for the SAG-SEED Starter Months in Nairobi! The Workshop focusses on the sectors Agriculture, Manufacturing and Tourism
and will take place in January & February 2017.

Find more information and apply here!

Online Bootcamp on Achieving Nutritional Behaviour Change at the BoP - Join it now!

Don't miss out! You can still join the free behaviour change for nutrition bootcamp by the inclusive business accelerator. Find further information and join the online course here.

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