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Dear friends and members of the ep.Network-Community,

Our international network provides an immense number of opportunities for its members: finding new like-minded companions and potential supporters or just interesting exchange and new inspiration. But we often perceive it as a somehow virtual entity and tend to forget that it consists of a huge number of individuals that are driven by a common goal: finding ways to make life a little bit better for the people!

This is why members of the “empowering people. Network” have the opportunity to meet in real life. For example in international workshops and local training sessions. Just like Haron Wachira of Akili Holdings and Andreas Zeislmair of mobile hydro who talk about their experiences in this Network Update.

We also introduce single inventors or entrepreneurs who are part of the “empowering people. Network” and ask them about their work and their motivation. One of them is Lukas Landerl who works on WADI, an intelligent small device for solar water purification. Explore his answers below and get to know further Network members in the video clips in this Update.

And please keep in mind: This community is a two-way street – we are keen to hear news from your projects or your thoughts and ideas to “empower people".
Feel free to write, to give us a call or to communicate on social media!


Interviews with epN members

Haron Wachira, Akili Holdings

Andreas Zeislmair, mobile hydro


Articles & Interviews

Can you use sunlight to clean water? The smile on WADI says "yes"

We had the chance to talk with Lukas Landerl from Helioz GmbH, Austria about the problem of contaminated water and about their great invention with the large smile.

Read more here....

Congratulations Solarkiosk!

Our friends from Solarkiosk won the well known "Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit" (Courage for Sustainability) Prize of Die Zeit on Tuesday. Congratulations from the complete "empowering people. Network" staff!

Read about their awarding here (German)...

Watch their nomination video here (German) ...


New on the epN Solutions Database

The Nexus Center

An off-grid basic infrastructure hub combining safe drinking water and energy services. Read more....

Mulberry Twigs Reinforcement

Using timber framing and mulberry branches as the structural reinforcing elements for walls. Read more...

Iketsetse Single Stroke Maize Sheller

A maize sheller makes an otherwise very labor intensive job easy. Read more...


Events & Dates

ASME Innovation Showcase

is a global competition for hardware led social innovations which is open to individuals and organizations taking physical products to market that will have a social impact.

They are awarding 9 winners in three different countries (Kenya, USA, India) with a overall sum of about $500k in Grants and Engineering support + $1Mio of additional funding raised by past competitors.

You can submit your application here...

Latest news: Dr. Udo Theilen, member of the "empowering people.Award" evaluation team, represents our Award & Network in a planning workshop for the revised E4C's Solutions Library that takes place this week in New York. We are keen on his impressions and the workshop results!

Engineering 4 Change Webinar Series

E4Cs next webinar takes place on March 25th, 2015 to the topic:

How to Manage Global Supply Chains in Developing Countries

You can register here...

European Social Business Forum 2015

The ESBF is held on March 19th, 2015 in Oslo, Norway and tries to bring together the main actors of the social business movement in Europe.

You can now register at www.esbf2015.com

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