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Dear friends and members of the ep. Network-Community,

We hope that the New Year started for you all with a lot of new ideas, successful projects and encouraging experiences. We are happy that our Solutions Database grew further  throughout the first weeks of the year 2015. This update introduces you to a few amazing projects that show the huge diversity of solutions with a good potential to make a difference for people within important categories of basic services from power supply and food security to healthcare innovations.

We will not cease to share all these small but intelligent approaches with practitioners on the ground, implementation organizations and development partners that can use them for their project work or are interested in partnership, whether with a focus on technology, business or financial support.

We aim to bring these partners together– that’s what the “empowering people. Network” stands for also in 2015. Stay connected and be part of a vibrant community!


Impressions of the Network's research activities


New on the epN Solutions Database

Solar lamp "A-LightS"

A low consumption, high performance solar lamp.

Farmer's friend biodigester

Biodigester decomposing animal manure.


A new biometric tracking system.


News from the "empowering people. Network"

4 quick Questions to Gang Chen, developer of Desert Greenhouses in China's remote province of Xinjiang.

Gang is the first "empowering people. Network" member from China.

Find out why he started developing Greenhouses...


Events & Dates

“Board Strategies for Social Enterprises” or “How to grow Impact”

Acumen courses offering a lot of interesting new courses relating to the area of Social Business.One should definitely check them out! (The courses are free)

Find them here.....

10th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education & Training

This interesting conference takes place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from May 20 to 22, 2015. It's still some time to register!

Read more here...

Engineering 4 Chance Webinar

Did you take part in the E4C Webinar with epNetwork members OneDollarGlasses and Leveraged Freedom Chair?

You can still watch it here....

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