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Dear friends and members of the ep. Network,

Just two weeks ago 13 inspiring entrepreneurs of our network met at the second "empowering people. Onsite" workshop on communications at the Impact Hub in Bogotá, Colombia.

Read more about the highlights and learning of these three days and on how enhancing your communications skills can help unfold the potential of your social innovation and your business  idea.

No doubt, the epO in Bogotá marks an absolute highlight in the epN agenda 2015 – but be aware: there is more to look forward to this summer this year – not only because the temperatures will hopefully finally rise here in Munich, the “home base” of the Stiftung but also because we are going to kick-off one very special and important event... 

But our lips are still tightly sealed – stay tuned: the news will be released soon!


empowering people. Onsite - in Bogotá

"Be aware that you do not only communicate to be understood - you mainly communicate to not be mis-understood." (Irene Morales, expert on communications)

This advise was one of the many findings and "aja"-effects the participants took from the three-day workshop on communications in Bogotá this year. No matter how diverse and different the working fields of social entrepreneurs are: their challenges in communications are very similar. While the skills trainings in the "empowering people. Onsite" equipped the epN members with better knowledge about Social Media, Photo/Video and Interviews/Presentations, the communication within the group went well from the beginning. "Spanglish" is, after all, a "language" based on concession, cooperation and willingness to get to know each other.

Read about the workshop here...

Get some impressions from the workshop:


Speaking of communications...

The Twitter community was quite active during the "empowering people. Onsite" workshop and wrote a lot about "la revolución de las cosas pequeñas". Have a look at the Storify and get an insight of what happened #epOnsite...


Articles and announcements

Getting to know each other is very enriching

Anita Rivera from TriCiclos, epN member and participant in the "empowering people. Onsite" in Bogotá, talked to us about challenges different social entrepreneurs and innovators share - not only in communications - and the benefits of interacting and actually getting to know each other.

Read the interview here...

The workshop venue in Bogotá: the Impact Hub-concept

The epOnsite in May was hosted in the Impact Hub Bogotá. The Impact Hub offers networks, infrastructure and space for entrepreneurs and social innovators to help them build and develop their start-ups and social enterprises. Today, the worldwide network is already represented in 32 countries with more than 11,000 members - and it recently started off in Africa.

Read here about the launch of the Africa Seed Program, supported by Siemens Stiftung

Biogas-Network in Latin America

There are many interconnection opportunities - one just has to know about them!

The Latin American Network for Biodigesters was founded in 2009 - since then there have been yearly introductory trainings and international workshops on biogas and biogas plants. They advocate for the dissemination of the latest knowledge & developments, networking, research and development of the biogas sector in the region.

For more info: www.redbiolac.org (Spanish).



epN member Sameh Ghali at the World Economic Forum

Sameh Seif Ghali, awarded "outstanding social entrepreneur in the Arab world" (2011) has attended the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa in Jordan for the 4th time.

There, he presented the Together Association and its activities, especially the eco-sanitation low-cost project with constructed wet land technology which eliminates pollution and covers whole villages with 10,000 inhabitants.

Read about the Together Association here...


Events, dates & more

Engineering for Change (E4C) Webinar

June 24th, 2015  - 11:00 am EDT or 05:00 pm CET

"Development Work in Developed Countries"

The Engineering for Change (E4C) Webinar Series promotes emerging ideas and connects you with a passionate community of engineers and development practitioners who want to make a difference.

Register here...



Meet & Multiply - Fostering the Replication of Inclusive businesses

June 29th, 2015  - Base Forum, Mexico City

Meet and Multiply is an exclusive invitation only event and supported by our partner Endeva. They are accepting applications from entrepreneurs and organizations who are interested in attending as adopters of one of the outlined business models. Read here about the event and apply by June 12th.

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