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Dear friends and members of the empowering people. Network,

Following the empowering people. Award Ceremony 2016 we are just starting phase two of our Network. It is encouraging for us to see that our international Network is growing and is able to connect an increasing number of inventors and social entrepreneurs, passionate people from around the world, who spend their hard labor and use their huge personal motivation in making a real difference for many people and communities out there.

Along with further vibrant topics around the Network we will introduce these new members in our following epUpdates starting with the top three winners in this issue. Whether you are peer-entrepreneurs or representatives from the ecosystem, please welcome them in our Network family, explore their amazing work and take the chance to connect with them.

We are always ready to introduce you and to facilitate all forms of exchange, interconnection and collaboration. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your epNetwork team


empowering people. Award - These are the winners!

Meet the winners of the empowering people. Award 2015/2016

The night of October 6, 2016 presented us not only with a fantastic celebration during the Award Ceremony but also with the long awaited announcement of our well-deserving top-winners:

The 1st Prize Winner is Ratul Narain from Bempu Health for the Bempu Hypothermia Alert Bracelet, a temperature monitoring wristband designed to prevent hypothermia in low-weight babies and premature babies.

Read more about the solution here and watch the winner's video.

The 2nd Prize was awarded to Dr. Gamal Albinsaid, Indonesia Medika, for the Garbage Clinical Insurance, an integral solution which uses recyclable waste as a financial resource.

Explore the project here and watch the video.

The 3rd Prize was awarded to Lennart Budelmann, aQysta, for the Barsha Pump - Hydro-powered Irrigation, a pump which provides sustainable irrigation to farmers.

Find out more about the Barsha Pump here and watch the project's video.

An international expert jury awarded prize money worth 50,000, 30,000 and 20,000 Euro to the top three winners respectively, while the other 20 winning projects received 5,000 Euro each. Explore the profiles of all 23 winning submissions for the empowering people. Award here.


NEW: The epExpert Service - Apply now and volunteer your skills!

Looking to volunteer your skills? - Become an epExpert!

Siemens Stiftung is looking for impact-driven professionals who are interested in supporting some of our empowering people. Network member organisations as volunteers in the field. While you support interesting projects with your expertise on-site, Siemens Stiftung will cover your travel & living expenses.

Visit our website for more information and apply!

Browse the current epExpert Service opportunities

Make a real impact with the skills you posses, work in a certified & well-known host organization & gain personal experience by working in an intercultural team! Accepted Experts will have their travel, lodging, and MovingWorlds-membership costs covered.

Browse the current openings and apply now here!


A warm welcome to our new epNetwork member Devergy

Devergy - Powering the off-grid world in a sustainable, easily scalable way

Devergy received a Special Prize of 10,000 Euros from the Siemens Stiftung at the Solar for All 2016 Award Ceremony and a membership offer for the empowering people.Network. Devergy is a social utility company that provides affordable and reliable access to sustainable electricity. We are happy to welcome this innovative project in the epNetwork!

Learn more about Devergy on their website and watch the video.


Articles & Interviews

Make development people-centered

Tri Mumpuni from epNetwork member IBEKA has helped communities build micro-hydro power plants across Indonesia. She believes empowering local people to manage natural resources will lead to sustainable development for all. Watch Tri Mumpuni tell from her experience and her know-how in this video interview.

Eco-friendly farming in the desert - The Seawater Greenhouse

Our friends from Tea after Twelve interviewed Charlie Paton, founder of the epNetwork member Seawater Greenhouse. This simple technology enables year-round crop production in some of the world’s hottest and driest regions by using seawater and sunlight.

Want to know how? Read the whole article here.

A guide to storytelling for social enterprises

Stories are things that people know, love, and remember. Social entrepreneurs can use storytelling to reach out to their network to gain new insights into the development of their business. Kennedy Kachwanya participated in the Storytelling Workshop by Siemens Stiftung at the SEED Africa Symposium 2016 in Nairobi.

Read about his experience and find a guideline for how to tell your business story on the epNetwork blog.

Africa unplugged - Small scale solar power is surging

Off-grid solar is spreading at an electrifying pace. An industry that barely existed a few years ago is now thought to be providing power to around 600,000 households in Africa. One innovative example is the epAward follow-up winner SolarTurtle in South Africa.

Read The Economist's interesting article about the surge of small scale solar power in Africa here.

The entrepreneurial journey - The search for the holy grail?

In October, innovators from around the world gathered with us at the last empowering people. Workshop in Berlin on Organizational Development. Sabine Baumeister, senior project manager in the epNetwork team, has resumed some interesting learnings from the workshop.

Read the article here.


SAMforSE - Free coaching vouchers for social enterprises

Is my company doing well? What works well and which areas need improvement?

These are familiar questions asked by many forward-thinking social entrepreneurs.

That is why the empowering people. Network has developed SAMforSE, a tool specifically designed to help social enterprises identify their strengths and successes but also to highlight areas where there is room for improvement when it comes to sustaining success over time.

Find out about your organisation's hidden potentials with SAMforSE and apply for a free consulting voucher to the value of 2000 € on


Events, Dates & More

Online Bootcamp on Inclusive Agribusiness - Register now!

In this 4-week online course by the Inclusive Business Accelerator, Inclusive Business entrepreneurs of the agribusiness incubator 2SCALE share their practical experience with a focus on agribusiness and gender best practices.

Find more information about the online course and register here.

Online Course - Achieving Nutritional Behavior Change at the BoP

This online bootcamp covers the key principles and supports you in the design of a behavior change strategy to achieve improved nutrition behaviors in low-income markets. The course has four modules, starting on 28 November and ending on 19 December.

Find further information and register here.

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