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empowering people. Award 2015 - It goes on!

Dear friends and members of the epNetwork community,

We are happy to announce that the application deadline for the "empowering people. Award 2015" has been extended to January 15th, 2016!

In this update you will also find interviews from our Award jury members Claudia Juech of The Rockefeller Foundation, Paul Smith Lomas of Practical Action and our Managing Director Rolf Huber.

You can listen how mexican engineer Ivan Gomez learned building Ram Pumps in the Philippines as part of the "empowering people. Network" and finally lots of interesting News, Articles and Dates from and within the Network.

Enjoy this Update and your Christmas preparations!

Your epNetwork Team


Interviews with the #epA2015 jury members

Interview with Claudia Juech

The Associate Vice President at The Rockefeller Foundation and jury member in the "empowering people. Award 2015" shared some insights as to what makes an award-winning entry. Read more...

Interview with Paul Smith Lomas

Practical Action's International Director Paul Smith Lomas is jury member of the "empowering people. Award 2015". With us, he spoke about the value of sharing knowledge. Read more...


Video-interview with Rolf Huber

Rolf Huber, Managing director of Siemens Stiftung, spoke at the launch event of the "empowering people. Award 2015" in July in Munich about the expectations for this new round and shared insights about its first edition in 2012: 'We were overwhelmed by the amount of applications!'


The benefits of being part of the "empowering people. Network"...

Technology transfer from the Philippines to Mexico!

Ivan Gomez, a young mexican engineer from Trinysol, traveled from his homeland Mexico to the other side of the globe to learn how to build Ram Pumps in order to reproduce this technology at home. The Ram pump works without electricity or gasoline to supply people with basic need problems with a steady stream of water - his exchange was supported by the "empowering people. Network".

Watch the interview with Gregor and Ivan here...


Articles & Interviews

E4C Solutions Library is now live!

Engineering for Change launched its Solutions Library. Register here to discover over 200 solutions for basic needs. You will also recognize some products from the "empowering people. Network"!

Anders Wilhelmson nominated for Polhem Prize

Anders Wilhelmson, inventor of Peepoo and winner of the "empowering people. Award" 2012 is nominated for the Polhem Prize. Read more about Peepoo here...

Video: Ana Luisa Arocena on waste management

In this video, Ana Luisa Arocena, founder of epNetwork member TRIEX, speaks about the lack of information in recycling and the resulting difficulties for effective waste management in Uruguay (in Spanish). Watch the video...

Videos: The Tech Awards 2015

Two of our network members, Embrace (Laureate Impact Award) and OneDollarGlasses (Sobrato Organization Economic Development Award) were recognized in the Tech Awards 2015!

Watch the introductory video on OneDollarGlasses here and on Embrace here...

Lettinga Award for epN member SimGas!

SimGas and partners have won the 2015 Lettinga Award for the biogas milk chiller. The Lettinga Award was initiated in 2001 by three Dutch environmental technology suppliers to stimulate the development and implementation of anaerobic treatment technology worldwide.


Events, dates & more

Save the date: SEED Africa Symposium

28-29 September 2016

in Nairobi, Kenya

One of the largest gatherings on social and eco entrepreneurship in Africa

Watch this year's video (with our colleague David Hoffmann) here...


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