Ciudad Saludable

August 17, 2012

20,000 tons: That’s the amount of waste Peruvian households produce daily and only 7,000 tons of this is being treated appropriately. This leaves the communities with lots of open garbage dumps having negative impacts on the environment and health and hygiene of local communities.

Ciudad Saludable, a Peru-based social enterprise, has taken up the challenge of waste and supports the establishment and operation of community-organized collection, recycling, and waste-disposal enterprises. By regrouping waste collectors of the informal sector (called “recicladores”), it promotes a process of professionalisation in local waste management systems that benefits both people and the environment. The organisation gives “recicladores” the possibility to formally register as legal businesses and earn status as the official waste-management system for their communities. Apart from the economic aspects, the official status protects the entrepreneurs from persecution by local police and the violence of gangs.

One pillar of Ciudad Saludable’s approach is technology. The social businesses are being equipped with simple and affordable technologies such as human-powered garbage collection vehicles allowing workers to separate waste while collecting it. This not only saves time, effort and energy, but is also an important step towards a more efficient and solid waste management system.

Active in Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico and India, Ciudad Saludable seeks to replicate its model in many more countries. Learn more here:

Veit Mathauer
Veit Mathauer

Veit Mathauer is Managing Partner at the PR agency Sympra and responsible for the international communication for the “empowering people. Award”. He studied Economics and Business Administration and worked as a researcher at the Center for International Competitiveness at the Instituto Tecnológico in Monterrey, Mexico. Besides other activities, he also coordinates the guest blogger community.


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