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Limitation of liability and Terms of use

The Siemens Stiftung provides access to third-party web content (as defined in Section 8 of the Teleservices Act) by setting external links; these links always open in a new window. The Siemens Foundation is not responsible for this third-party content as the Siemens Stiftung does not initiate the transmission of the information, does not determine who receives the transmitted information, and does not select or alter the transmitted information. Moreover, the method used to access and link to this third-party information is such that the Siemens Stiftung does not temporarily store the information and, thus, is not responsible for it.When the Siemens Stiftung first sets an external link to a third-party web site or page, the third-party content is reviewed to assess whether it could entail some form of responsibility under civil or criminal law.