The empowering people. Expert service aims to support epN members that often face knowledge and workforce gaps which hinder their development and prevent their products or services from reaching more people with basic need problems.

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  • Provide your skills to support others...

    Provide your skills to support others...

    ... from supporting the development of milk coolers, to energy efficient solar trackers all the way to the installation of hydraulic ram pumps. The epExpert service supports a wide range of established and well- known organizations that work on technologies to support people's livelihood.
  • Work in an intercultural team...

    Work in an intercultural team...

    ...all organizations are personally known to us and work within an intercultural context with diverse teams.
  • Experteer in new places...

    Experteer in new places...

    First and foremost, being an expert is about providing your skills and supporting others, but working in a new environment and in wonderful new places makes the task a lot more exciting.

Looking to volunteer your skills? - Be an expert!

From time to time especially small organizations face challenges in their development due to either an unavailability of the skills needed or simply because they cannot afford the fitting workforce. The empowering people. Expert service is looking for specialists voluntarily donating their time and skill set and thereby addressing these issues. Firstly the epExperteer program enables the members of the empowering people. Network to address a wide range of potential specialists through a joint call out for experts and secondly it supports the organizations through the provision of proven specialists free of charge.



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for the Expert:

  • Make a real impact with the skills you possess
  • Work in a certified & well - known host organization & within an intercultural team
  • Financial support for the expert mission

for the "empowering people. Network" member:

  • Close your short term workforce gap with a highly skilled & motivated professional
  • Get the chance to have an external professional as part of your team
  • The expert is willing to provide all his knowledge pro-bono

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