empowering people. Network hosts Round Table on Innovative Finance Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs


With an ever growing number of social enterprises entering the market, there is an increasing amount of entrepreneurs looking for financing that is appropriate for their business. However, impact investment has yet to realize its potential. In order to better understand this important environment, Siemens Stiftung, in cooperation with enpact e.V. Berlin/enpact Egypt, has organized a round table discussion bringing together finance experts, social entrepreneurs, and ecosystem stakeholders to better understand the current situation experienced by social entrepreneurs and social investors and to evolve innovative approaches of finance for powerful players on the ground.


The ‘lnnovative Finance Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs’ round table will be held in conjunction with the empowering people. Award 2019 in Cairo, Egypt on July 11, 2019. Four table discussions will occur in parallel, focusing on a different aspect of the financial landscape related to social development.


  • Table 1 – New technologies for finance – With the emergence of new technologies and the rapid speed of digitization, we want to explore the potential of new technologies in the context of impact investing.
  • Table 2 – Patient capital and new attitudes – Patient capital is crucial for entrepreneurship, innovation, social (impact) investing and economic development. We explore new interconnected dimensions of patient capital.
  • Table 3 – Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) rethought – Public Private Partnerships can be a powerful tool in promoting social enterprises and their missions. How can an innovative public financial instrument be defined?
  • Table 4 – New paths for foundations and philanthropies – New formats of financing social entrepreneurs and blended finance approaches require new frameworks and new roles for the players.


Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the concrete challenges leading to a mis-match between availability and demand, and to come up with new ideas and concrete suggestions for innovative financing approaches and processes.


Stay tuned for more information and a detailed report on the round table’s findings.