Solar lamp "A-Light S"

The lamp is set up with the latest equipment developed and produced in Germany. With a very low consumption, high-performance LED optimized electronics and supply of a Li-Ion energy accumulator it creates a brightness not expected by a solar lamp. An efficient solar module can reload the lamp reliably. The lamp can be reloaded also with a net battery charger. It is furthermore possible to recharge many types of mobile phones with the help of the lamp or directly with the solar module.  Using a suitable adapter cable, many other electronic devices can be operated, like transistor radios, or recharged like for example AA/AAA accumulators of cameras. The case is manufactured out of a very robust ABS plastic. It is extremely shockproof so that it can withstand repeated drops from 1.5 m onto a concrete floor without damage and it fulfills the IP67 standard. The white-transparent cap made out of PC was modified with a light-scattering color so that a very good illumination can be achieved with only one LED. A built-in hanger integrated at the bottom can convert a floor lamp into a hanging lamp in no time.

The “A-Light-S” was developed to address the challenges of sustainability and to use state-of-the-art technology. The best equipment in terms of quality should also be provided to our neighbors in the southern countries, especially to the rural areas. Due to the existing disposal problems, other approaches would make less sense. Existing kerosene lamps are hazardous to humans and our environment must be replaced by ecologically compatible systems. Social consequences are enormous due to the versatile possibility. The users of our lamp enjoy light for reading, cooking or working without any harmful effects to the eyes. Through the acquisition of a solar lamp, user can save kerosene expenses. Schools and wards can be provided with light by the portable lamps. The users can also charge their mobile telephones free of fees. The lamp can be delivered as a kit and afterwards be assembled in the user countries.

Quite often financial resources are the limiting factor in purchasing solar lamps, therefore a renting system in which the monthly charges are lower than the expenses for kerosene is preferable.. The monthly saving kerosene expenses is roughly 5 € with an increasing trend. In case of renting the lamps, the users immediately have bright, healthy, harmless and payable light.

Amortization period of an A-Light S (example Tanzania, without import tax)
Assumed sales price of a set 82.00 €
Assumed sale price of a mobile phone charger set 10.00 €
Assumed price per liter of kerosene 1.00 €
Consumption average of a kerosene lamp in TZ (about 60 l/Year) 60.00 €                                       
Average cost per phone charging (Benin) € 0.12, twice a week 12.50 €                                                                        
Amortization period 1.27 Year

Extremely helpful as a room- or workplace lighting in families, schools, dispensaries, wards and in rural areas

Possibility to use them as photovoltaic module
• loading of accumulators in mobile telephones
• loading of external accumulators of the type AA and AAA
• having a radio played/playing the radio
• operation of an electrical soldering iron - which makes an assembly workshop possible in areas without electric current from the net.

As the "A-Light S" has 3 levels of brightness with light duration 14 hrs / 8 hrs / 120 hrs it can be used in all kinds of situations.

Key Facts

Contact: Ambros Huber
Operating in: Germany

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