ApneBoot is a foot-wearable device to alert for bradycardia and hypoxia, key symptom of neonatal apnea. Further, ApneBoot resolves episodes of apnea of prematurity or central apeas and prolonged hypoxia episodes in premature newborns through an instantaneous tactile stimulation to the foot sole. The device has a built-in pulse oximeter with an alarm and auto-stimulation mechanism that fits on the newborn foot in the convenient form factor of a baby boot. The device can be worn immediately upon birth and is designed to fit very small babies.

It has in-built algorithm to monitor drops in oxygen saturation and heart rate. In the event of an episode, it “flicks” and vibrates against a newborn’s foot sole, stimulating the nervous system and restarting breathing. It also emits an audiovisual alarm to attract a clinician’s attention in case the apnea requires additional intervention.

The device displays apnea count, oxygen saturation and heart rate and is battery powered to last for 4 continuous days without recharge, providing continuous monitoring even under conditions of unreliable power supply. It is portable, robust, reusable and affordable making it an appropriate innovation for low-resource settings.

Apnea of Prematurity (AOP), a cessation of breathing with hypoxia and/or bradycardia, is a serious risk factor for premature newborns. 3.3 million newborns in India and 15 million globally are at risk of apnea-related injury or death. If unresolved immediately, prolonged apnea, associated hypoxia & bradycardia, can contribute to hypoxic-ischemic injury of the immature brain and death. The incidence of apnea is inversely correlated with gestational age and is close to 100% in babies born at less than 29 weeks of gestation.

Apnea requires rapid intervention, which is compromised in low-resource settings due to lack of vital sign monitors and skilled staff to respond to apneas. As a result, newborns in these facilities suffer from injury or death due to prolonged apnea and hypoxia. ApneBoot, a low-cost device, is designed to detect and resolve apneas through an instantaneous tactile stimulation, automating the standard of care flicking process. ApneBoot has the potential to reduce the burden of untreated AOP in low-resource settings, preventing serious injury or death for newborns.

  • Clinical evaluations in 2017-2018: 82 preterms were monitored for 790 hours
  • ApneBoot had 94% Positive Predictive Value in detecting Bradycardia and Desaturation events related to apneas
  • ApneBoot had 70% efficacy in autoresolving primary apneas through its stimulation method (aim: to improve to 90% apnea resolution rate)
  • Sales price: 360 € (expected to be reduced to 260 € with scale)
  • ApneBoot is battery-powered and can monitor for four days without recharge

Key Facts

Organization: BEMPU Health
Website: https://www.bempu.com/
Contact: Ratul Narain
Email: ratul@bempu.com
Operating in: India



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