Avatar Sign Language Interpreters

Mind Rockets Inc. developed Avatar Sign Language Interpreters that translate text into Sign Language (SL). Avatars take any written input and give SL interpretation as an output. The solution is a software for tablets, digital books and can be integrated on virtually any platform/screen. The technology is a game changer in regards to deaf education, providing access to online and text based materials to the deaf.

More than 5% of the population are deaf and hard of hearing. Since human interpreters are rare and expensive, the automation of this communication process minimizes the dependency to a great extent. Schools can integrate the technology and have a real transformation for their deaf-friendly curricula. The technology itself is ready and can run in any country that has a SL dictionary – so far, seven languages are available: Unified Arabic, Saudi, Emirati, Jordanian, Egyptian, American, and British SL.


Deaf people, for the first time, can have access to all written information around them in SL which was previously inaccessible due to high illiteracy rates, and the inability to hire expensive human interpreters wherever there's textual information to be conveyed. The technology can be seen as a means to lower the barrier for organizations and government to make information accessible to students who would otherwise sit in classrooms unable to understand what's going on. Without SL interpreters, even students at deaf schools are unable to reread texts by themselves when they are at home. So this tool can change the whole education environment for the deaf where they most need it, especially in developing countries. The solution deals with one-way communication of information like websites, news, screens (front desks, kiosks etc), and libraries.

Though no formal impact assessment has been conducted, reviews and feedback from online users of the solutions have lauded its ability to provide a meaningful difference to people’s lives. The solution has over 200,000 app downloads for its free version. Founded in 2016, the company creates job opportunities for deaf people to join the team and help develop and improve the quality and content.

The solution can be purchased per annual subscription and is targeting the content providers rather than the deaf people themselves. There are several user packages, ranging from “Lite” ($1,400), allowing up to five books, to “Platinum” ($20,000) with unlimited books and interpretations. The software was developed by taking direct user feedback for a unique solution that seeks to open up the world to deaf people. As a next step, the company plans to create a SL Book Reader, which will allow the avatars to interpret pdf documents, and any other format of digital books.

Mind Rockets is a small for-profit company. The team is comprised of both technical and business experts with experience in interacting with deaf communities. Also, two deaf team members are in charge of quality assurance and control.

  • Deaf people, for the first time, can have access to all written information around them in Sign Language.
  • The solution is a software for tablets and can be integrated on any platform/screen.
  • The free version already has 200,000 app downloads.

Key Facts

Organization: Mind Rockets Inc. (Assistive Technologies for the Deaf)
Website: https://mindrocketsinc.com
Contact: Malek Zuaiter
Email: mzuaiter@mindrocketsinc.com
Operating in: Jordan


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