• Advanced forced ventilation biomass cook stove.
  • Advanced forced ventilation biomass cook stove.
  • Advanced forced ventilation biomass cook stove.

BioLite Home Stove

The BioLite HomeStove is an advanced forced ventilation biomass cook stove.  It uses our patented thermoelectric technology to convert temperature differences between fire and air into an electric voltage, which powers a fan that improves fire combustion. The result is a reduction in toxic indoor smoke by up to 90% and reduced fuel consumption by 50%, eliminating up to 2.5 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per stove per year. 
Surplus electricity generated during cooking sessions charges USB-powered devices such as mobile phones and LED lights. The stove therefore provides direct economic returns through a combination of both fuel savings as well as electricity generation. The capacity to charge also serves as the catalyst to widespread adoption in that it engages males of the household who are typically the device owners and make purchasing decisions.
Finally, through in-home pilot projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and India, BioLite meets with thousands of community members to understand their unique needs, preferences, and values.  We have therefore designed a product that is reflective of a wide variety of users (i.e., a cooktop that accommodates flatbread in India and yams in Ghana).

More than 3 billion people cook indoors everyday on wood and other solid fuels, which results in toxic smoke. 4 million people, mostly women and children, are killed each year by this smoke. This indicates a higher death rate than the annual tolls of AIDS and Malaria combined. Open fire cooking is also the biggest contributor globally of black carbon, the second biggest contributor of climate change after CO2.
Although less costly than petroleum alternatives, solid fuel comes at a price. Families spend 2-4 hours per day collecting firewood and, in areas where wood must be purchased, it can account for 10-15% of their income. 
1.5 billion people lack access to electricity. Despite this, a large and rapidly growing proportion of off-grid households own mobile phones. To support this practice, off-grid consumers travel long distances and pay $1-5 per month – up to two days’ salary – to recharge phones at retail charging stations.
The HomeStove provides a solution to each one of these issues.

The stove retails for $40-$60, based on willingness-to-pay research and benchmarked to local mobile phone prices. We utilize a two-pronged approach for distribution. The primary channel is consumer retail sales, accessed through a range of partnerships with established local players. The secondary channel is institutional sales, which consists of sales to governments and NGOs for humanitarian situations and for world-class research on the social and environmental impact of the product. The stove is designed to operate maintenance free for the full warranted life of the product (1 yr). The expected lifespan of the stove is 5 years.

Stage of development: produced in serial production

- stainless steel, cast iron, plastic

Electricity output:
- 2-4W (enough to fully charge a phone or to provide an evening’s worth of LED light)

Indoor air pollution reduction:
- reduction of 90%

Key Facts

Organization: BioLite
Website: http://www.biolitestove.com
Contact: Jonathan Cedar
Email: jonathan@biolitestove.com
Used by: India, Ghana, Uganda

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