BrailleMe is a digitally tangible tablet for the visually impaired population. It enables easy internet browsing, reading books, connecting to mobile and computer all in braille. It empowers the visually impaired with a braille-based technological tool to perform everyday tasks including access to literacy without spending significant amounts of money to order customized printed braille material. It caters to the diverse regional needs of communities in different geographies with its multilingual braille support leading to higher penetration and better adoption at grass roots levels.

The key features include on-the-go access: to braille books, sighted text, creating, editing and storing documents. It connects to smartphones via Bluetooth for Android & iOS with braille and to computer USB ports to allow access to MsOffice and smooth internet surfing, coding and more all in braille. It is compatible with the needs of students, (it can be a substitute for scribes) as well as professionals with its screen readers along with a seamless experience of braille and audio. It has an electronic fast and smooth 20-cell 6-dot braille display designed to give paper-braille-feel, a keypad and cursor buttons for typing. BrailleMe is a flagship device from the Indian company, Innovision.

There are 40 million visually impaired individuals globally facing numerous challenges in access to both printed and digital resources.  For years, braille has been their only script used for reading. With the shift towards digital resources, the limitations of print material have surfaced, leading to a decrease in literacy to 10% and employment to 30%. Other assistive technologies to support digital devices, computers, smartphones have been audio based and have been limited by a lack of script, limited language support (English predominantly), lack of privacy and prolonged usage of headphones being detrimental to hearing. The existing aids which support digital content and allow device access in braille have been catering to less than 10% of the population living in developed countries due to an unaffordable price.

BrailleMe costs about 10 times less than enabling digital accessibility in their own script. Rather than having scribes, now students can themselves take exams through BrailleMe turn in a soft copy to the teacher (the soft copy will be in sighted text as BrailleMe does an automatic conversion). The ability to access modern digital devices without the limitations of visual screens and touch pads in a tactile form opens vast employment opportunities especially those based on computer skills such as data entry, banking, coding, and also traditional content.

Innovision is a for-profit early-stage enterprise. BrailleMe is sold in different geographies in partnership with distributors who have extensive experience in the disability and assistive technology space in these regions.  Currently, BrailleMe is available in the US, South Africa, Turkey and the Middle East which includes 20 Arabic speaking countries through a master distributor based in Saudi Arabia. The domestic sales are also spread throughout India via distributors and their channel partners who are assisting with language localization and training support for the different regions. The pricing strategy adopted has also been differentiated for developed and developing markets. Though seemingly expensive at 400 USD it is still cheaper than competing devices.

The maintenance demand for BrailleMe is divided between the Innovision and the distributor for the territory through Technical and Customer Support. It comes with a manual and command guide, quick user guide and FAQs to provide additional technical support.

  • It is portable and designed with a long-lasting battery life which can be used anywhere at any time!
  • The primary target of BrailleMe is 20 million individuals with early age blindness who learn Braille and use it in daily life.
  • Battery safety certification – has already been completed for the Lithium Ion battery being used in BrailleMe.
  • The anticipated environmental impact of the production of consumer electronic products like BrailleMe is mitigated by RoHS compliance for the different components used.

Key Facts

Organzation: Innovision (Inceptor Technologies Private Limited)
Contact: Surabhi Srivasta
Operating in: India, South Africa, Middle East, USA


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