Breezergy Micro Wind Turbine

Breezergy is a highly compact micro wind turbine with rated output sufficient to cover the base load of a small household. In comparison to other big, heavy turbines which are expensive, complex or need heavy machinery to be set up, Breezergy consists of just 2 parts – a generator with tail and metal blades with a hub.

Weighing just 30kg, it can easily be mounted to any pole available and used in remote areas without access to energy grids. Its metal rotor is efficient yet very robust and can’t be damaged in sandy conditions, heat or salt. Easy to install, the turbine can be mounted with a few screws. The 1kW of power provided can charge a car battery or heat water and would serve a small household in Germany or a normal household in a developing country.

SkyWind has developed the first wind turbine that is durable but lightweight at the same time. The patented rotor is easy to install and very robust. Charging batteries from nothing but the wind with a simple turbine, generates much needed electricity at night and in bad weather conditions. This turbine can act as an addition to any solar plant. Once installed, clean energy is generated for years with no fuel, no emissions and at no further cost.

Anyone with a tree, a tower or a building can install such a turbine to generate electricity. The SkyWind NG series turbines are already powering the first houses in Africa. Ideal conditions include coastal areas or flat areas.

Energy is needed everywhere, for lighting, communication, health and much more. However, lack of and difficulties in generating energy is a real challenge in developing countries. Although sun and wind solutions are widely available and solar panels are put to good use, wind turbines are less so. State-of-the-art plastic turbines have proven too unreliable and fragile.

This solution ensures that almost anyone with a tree, a tower or a building can install Breezergy and thereby generate their own electricity. The SkyWind NG series turbines are already powering the first houses in Africa.

The SkyWind Company builds the turbines in Germany, and organizes shipment to the selected partner companies. They are then packed in containers and shipped to business partners in the countries of implementation, who then manage sales in the country. Training is also offered on how to use the turbines and on how independent energy systems can be built up over the coming years. In this way, the turbines generate profits for local companies in the countries they will be used in.

The company is working together with a local business angel. They are looking for another venture capital partner or business angel to further improve their financial background. Production costs are set at 465 Euros and the units sell at 549 Euros to the general population.

Materials needed:
Weight just 30 kg, the turbine can be mounted by tightening screws. Device consists of:
1. Generator with tail
2. Patented metal rotor blades with hub

Requirements: A tall structure such as a tree/pole, no fuel needed, ideal for coastal areas.
No fuel is needed

Key Facts

Organization: SkyWind Company
Contact: Fritz Unger
Used in: Germany




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