Devergy is a social energy services company that provides off-grid, low income communities with affordable access to modern electricity. It offers freedom of choice to household and micro-enterprise customers in Tanzania, through a combination of proprietary smart solar micro-grid technologies and a unique business model.

Devergy has overcome some typical obstacles that micro-grid solar energy systems face by keeping the capacity of their grids at the minimum necessary to provide exactly the energy their customers need. The system runs on adaptive capacity and is monitored 24 hours a day, which allows the grids capacity to be increased a step ahead of demand.

In Tanzania, only 7% of the country’s rural population has access to electricity via the national power grid, and in a best case national planning scenario, 5 million households will never receive grid access. However, off-grid households and micro-enterprises in rural areas are still spending $50 to $1,000 per year on traditional energy solutions (eg. single use batteries, fuel for generators, and kerosene lamps). Devergy aims to provide reliable access to energy throughout rural Tanzania at a more affordable price to the customer, without ever placing restrictions on how the energy is used. By offering a high quality and more affordable option than kerosene or single-use batteries, the environment is becoming cleaner, health conditions are improving, and small business is growing throughout rural areas. 

Devergy is a social enterprise that provides a service that is very much in demand. The system works for the household that wants to use one light bulb for a few hours a day, a family that has a television and 4 phones, or a business that needs to depend on 24/7 electricity to keep the refrigerators on. 

After a one-time payment for the Devergy meter, customers pre-pay for their energy bundles via mobile money or in person at the village store. As the electrical needs of our customers grow, Devergy scales up with them, even arranging delivery of appliances to villages. 


  • Over 78% of Devergy's customers are made up of households earning less than $2.50/day. The most popular service provides basic lighting and phone charging services, replacing dangerous and expensive traditional solutions.
  • Infrastructure Deployment: Devergy can connect 100 customers in one week with a small team.
  • Sales and Marketing: Each community has one sales agent and is in constant contact with customer support through SMS and voice.
  • The Industry Leading Investors include Acumen Fund, Persistent Energy Capital, HERi Africa, OPES Impact Fund

Key Facts

Organization: Devergy
Contact: Fabio De Pascale
Operating in: Netherlands, Tanzania

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