• A solar distiller for home use, Eliodomestico provides an interesting alternative to existing technologies.
  • Clean water using solar energy, Eliodomestico provides an valuable alternative to existing water filtration systems.
  • Eliodomestico is an innovative solar distiller for households, designed to function without filters or electricity.


Eliodomestico is an innovative solar distiller for households, designed to function without filters or electricity. The device is made from readily available materials, such as burnt clay and tin metal, and can be entirely produced by local craftsmen. The body is made of two earthenware parts. The evaporator (black boiler) and the condenser consist of tin-welded metal sheets. The freshwater bowl is made of clay. Its design takes into account the habit of transporting objects on the head. The choice of materials, shape and colors also relies on technical reasons, such as the thermal insulation, ventilation, heat resistance, absorption or exchange.


In the morning, the dirty or salty water is filled in a water tank, and in the evening, clean water can be collected. The water evaporates and re-condenses in a portable recipient placed underneath the tank. The prototype model which has a diameter of 60 cm and a surface area of 0.28 m², produces around 3 liters per day. This results in the production of around 10 liters per day per square meter of surface.

According to figures estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO), over a billion people worldwide do not have access to fresh drinking water. Immediate help can be provided by desalinating and/or sterilizing seawater or brackish water before drinking. Desalination plants are, however, very energy and maintenance intensive, making their usage in remote areas without connections to power grids impossible. The areas with the most severe water shortages are the warm, arid countries in Northern and Southern Africa and West and Southern Asia. As these are also the regions with the most intense solar radiation, using solar energy for the desalination and sterilization of contaminated or salt water can create a realistic opportunity for a new source of clean drinking water.   

Eliodomestico is a simple advice which delivers a basic quantity of clean drinking water in areas where salt or brackish water is prevalent as ground and/or surface water. The system can induce positive outcomes for local economies as it is designed to be entirely produced on site, thus, generating small businesses. The device is self-explanatory and except cleaning, no maintenance is required. The size can be adapted to water demand; the output of 5 to 10 litres per day meets the needs of an average household. Traditional forms and materials make the Eliodomestico highly recognizable and easy to understand.

Water filtration: 10 liters per day per square meter of surface

Material: Burnt clay and tin metal

Costs: Estimated production cost of an Eliodomestico is about 75 USD

"empowering people. Award" winning solution Eliodomestico - an open- source solar water distiller technology.

Europe: Italy

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Website: www.gabrielediamanti.com
Contact: Gabriele Diamanti
Email: info@gabrielediamanti.com
Used by: Italy (Prototype)

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