• Enviro Loo is a dry or waterless sanitation system.
  • Enviro Loo is a dry or waterless sanitation system.
  • Enviro Loo is a dry or waterless sanitation system.
  • Enviro Loo is a dry or waterless sanitation system.
  • Enviro Loo is a dry or waterless sanitation system.

Enviro Loo

The Enviro Loo is a "dry or waterless sanitation system". Liquid and solid waste is separated as it enters the container via the toilet bowl. Liquid waste drains to the bottom of the container while solid waste remains on the drying plate. The waste is exposed to continuous air flow that's driven through the unit by the forced aeration ventilation system. The movement of air is assisted by the ventilation extraction unit positioned on top of the outlet vent pipe. As the air moves through the system, it dehydrates the solid waste as it migrates down the sloped drying plate. The liquid that has drained to the bottom of the container evaporates. Sunlight absorbed by the black inspection cover increases the ambient temperature within the container. The intense heat, prolonged retention periods and oxygen-rich air that is drawn in, dehydrate and decompose the waste. At the end of this process the waste is converted; via the stimulated bacterial and biological activity; into an inoffensive, stabilized material which is reduced to roughly 5% of its original volume. The negative pressure within the container prevents the escape of any odour through the toilet bowl or the air inlet pipes.

An estimated 23 million South Africans don’t have access to adequate sanitation facilities. Those who have inadequate sanitation may be using the bucket system, pit toilets or sadly, open defecation.  When these fail, the impact on health, education, the pollution of our environment and the economy, is extremely serious. The impact of inadequate sanitation on the health of the poor is significant in terms of the quality of life, and the education and development potential of communities. 1 000 deaths per day in South Africa are caused by waterborne disease. Improved sanitation facilities help lowering mortality rates, improve learning, have a positive impact on the economy and contribute to the environment. Utilizing a sanitation solution that is non-polluting, safe and has a zero discharge system should become the norm; a system  that will not cause either ground water contamination or the breeding of water-borne diseases, which are killing and causing illness to South Africans daily.

The Enviro Loo is one of the most cost effective systems available. It is a permanent solution, the on-going maintenance costs are minimal, with one off installation costs comparable to any system.

The Enviro Loo selling price per model ex works South Africa varies from ZAR 4,800.00 / $480.00 to ZAR 6,800.00 / $680.00. The Enviro Loo has a cost per user/per day for 5 users of: ZAR 0,53 – 0,83 compared to other competitive products namely: chemical toilets have a cost per user/per day for 5 users of ZAR 3,62 – 6,32 and ventilated pit latrines have a cost per user/per day for 5 users of ZAR 0,90 – 1,64.

When compared to flush systems, the Enviro Loo competes considerably in terms of cost and water savings. The Enviro Loo is most cost effective sanitation solution.

Stage of development: produced in serial production


The Enviro Loo is a waterless toilet system that provides a safe non-polluting, cost-effective solution to the sanitation crisis. It is installed as a permanent structure, it never requires replacement, relocation or removal but can be if necessary. The Enviro Loo operates as an evaporation and dehydration system, it transforms human solid waste into a safe, neutral, pathogen free material without the use of water, chemicals or electricity. It is easy to install and maintain, it is an environmentally sound zero discharge system. It is a sealed system that cannot leak and neither can storm or flood water penetrate the container. The Enviro Loo provides, respectability, dignity and safety.



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Organization: Enviro Options (Pty) Ltd
Website: http://www.enviro-loo.com
Email: mark@eloo.co.za
Operating in: South Africa, Kenya

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