• Software that lowers barriers to positive social change using mobile technology.
  • Software that lowers barriers to positive social change using mobile technology.

Frontline SMS

FrontlineSMS is a desktop software created to lower barriers to positive social change using mobile technology. By leveraging basic tools already available to most organizations, including those in ‘last-mile’ settings — computers and low-cost modems — FrontlineSMS enables instantaneous two-way communication to any mobile handset. It’s easy to implement, simple to operate, and best of all, the software is free; you only pay for the messages you send. This award-winning open-source software has been downloaded over 150,000 times since its first prototype in 2005, and helps organizations all over the world overcome communications barriers.

FrontlineCloud lets you easily send, receive, and manage SMS messages and data from anywhere in the world. FrontlineCloud makes life easier with a quick set-up process, more ways to connect to mobile networks, and all of the sophisticated data management available through the cloud. It brings the convenience of the web to your text message communications, all for a low monthly rate.

Mobile is everywhere. More than 3.5 billion people have mobile phones worldwide, and they send more than 22 billion SMS every day. Coordinating messages with the people you care about- staff, customers, fans or friends- can be challenging without the right set of tools. Mobile communications are increasingly fragmenting across different platforms, network operators, devices, and geography, making it more difficult to navigate using the world’s most accessible communication tool: SMS. FrontlineCloud allows a project in London to message farmers in Lusaka, or nurses in Kansas to text health workers in Karachi. Users can log in to send and receive SMS anywhere in the world at local prices, wherever they connect to the Internet. By combining the efficiencies, popularity and reach of SMS with the sophistication and billing structures of the web, FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud are becoming the ideal tool for integrating mobile communication into multi-channel information management systems.

Stage of development: produced in serial production

Key features of FrontlineSMS:
    Free to use
    Download, plug in and get started
    Send messages offline, via GSM networks
    Data hosted locally, on your computer
    Support through our active user forum

Key features of FrontlineCloud:
    Low monthly subscription rate
    Log in from any browser, just like email
    Start messaging without leaving your chair
    Data hosted offsite; access it from anywhere
    Priority user support



Key Facts

Organization: The Social Impact Lab (SIMLab) Foundation
Website: http://www.frontlinesms.com
Contact: Laura Walker Hudson
Email: laura@frontlinesms.com
Used: worldwide in 160 countries

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