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Groasis Technology (GT) is an inexpensive integrated planting technology that allows the planting of trees in degraded farmland and rangelands. Consisting mainly of a 20-litre box, GT is placed around a young seedling at the transplanting stage. This box builds up a water column under the plant by collecting dew and rainwater, and distributing it over a long period of time through a wick at the bottom. This prevents evaporation. In practice, the transplanted seedling will receive just enough water from the GT to survive while it still searches for water deep in the soil. It will therefore develop a strong taproot, making the whole plant resilient to prolonged drought periods.

The technology works on the same principle as nature: Once the seed germinates, develops its root in the capillary column and water is found, the leaves develop and evaporation and photosynthesis can start. This technique works and therefore trees grow even in the Rocky Mountains or on the Alps that consist of granite stones. Planting and germinating – bringing the tree through the period until it gets its water from the capillary – is the problem, and one this solution combats.

The trees planted cover eroded soils and build up organic matter whilst providing valuable nutrient sources for both humans and animals.


In Middle East and North African (MENA) countries, there is a rising demand for agricultural products combined with a fragile natural environment. This has resulted in rapidly increasing pressure on scarce land and water resources. The plantations established with GT require less input and management compared to other water- saving technologies such as drip irrigation. GT is an inexpensive technology that allows the restoration of degraded ecosystems and the productive use of land. The innovation targets the following barriers: Firstly, with tree establishment, which is critical for long-term degraded land development and integrated food production.

Secondly by providing a cost-appropriate technology for use in low-resource settings, GT substantially reduces the cost of planting. Thirdly, the the company tackles the issue of insufficient user-centered design in technology development. GT is user-friendly and irrigation-free, saving time, money, energy and water. The company also deals with the problem of the lack of information and training given to farmers regarding how to use available technologies and/or innovations.

The solution is intended for use in the establishment of trees in Jordan, therefore increasing the vegetation cover in marginal areas that are prone to drought and climate change effects. Potentially, the solution can be deployed worldwide, especially in low-resource settings and is aimed at farmers, herders, local authorities, land managers, schools, community gardens, parks, green areas, NGOs and development agencies, environmentalists and universities.



ICU is a non-profit organization that is assisting Desert Tulip as the official distributor of the Groasis Technology in Jordan aiming at improving its social and environmental impact.

Partners include international donors and development agencies. GT is to be donated to its targt groups.




  • Plastic Waterboxx and biodegradable Growboxx box.
  • Arid, dry areas

Key Facts

Organization: ICU/Desert Tulip/Groasis
Contact: Daniele Bonetti
Operating in: Netherlands, Jordan


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