IBEKA builds electricity for Indonesia, the Asian Pacific and Africa. After having built up the electricity, IBEKA usually can develop the economic potential in the local communities.

IBEKA has two schemes, first its isolated grid system: the electricity for local lighting and for end user productivity and agriculture processes, f.ex. drying and roasting coffee, producing lemon grass oil and patchouli oil, etc. The second scheme is connected to the grid. Income from electricity sales is used for village development funds such as scholarships, healthcare, seed capital to start the business, village infrastructure such as road construction, clean water supply and sanitation, etc.

IBEKA uses the small hydro turbine, a wind turbine and other simple technologies.  The micro hydro turbine was built by the local manufacture, and together with the community IBEKA installs it in the site.  The tailor-made turbine has a range between 500 Watt to 500 kWatt.  The control system is also fabricated by the local workshop but the generator is still located in Indonesia.  The wind turbine is very small, it has only up to 500 Watt and IBEKA installs it together with the local people.

IBEKA is looking for social investors that are willing to contribute their fund as an equity or soft loan. The loan is using a low interest rate and a long payback period.  Mostly renewable energy projects need a long term loan commitment and low interest rates.  This is what is almost impossible to be found in the normal investment system.  Another issue is that the loan usually needs a collateral which is difficult to be  fulfilled.

When the access to electricity is established, the community usually improves its economic system. The community uses the electricity to extend their working hours so that at night time they can continue f.ex. with handicraft to increase their family income.  Also, children can use the evenings to study longer.  Apart from that, the community can generate stable monthly income to fund village development by selling the electricity.

The beneficiaries of our projects are at the maximum 500,000 people, directly and indirectly.

Key Facts

Organization: IBEKA
Contact: Tri Mumpuni
Website: http://ibeka.netsains.net/
Operating in: Indonesia

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