Invi self-defense bracelet

In response to the widespread problem of sexual violence, the company has developed a self-defense product that enables women and men to protect themselves. The “Invi” is a bracelet worn as jewellery. This bracelet however contains a breakable capsule filled with a foul-smell to repel an attacker and to alarm others.

Once the capsule in the bracelet is broken, the smell released aims to repel the attacker in a non-violent way. It will raise a powerful disgust reaction which can trigger a “flight response.” We see the same mechanism used by a skunk as protection from predators.

Invi Bracelet is designed to empower, to make people feel stronger, to break taboos and to unite men and women from all over the wold. A global movement that actively speaks out against sexual violence and promotes equality.

Sexual violence is an undeniable challenge in many societies around the world. It does not distinguish between gender, age, ethnicity or religion. Millions of lives are directly and indirectly affected by this crime. It impacts feelings of safety and trust and prevents individuals and societies from thriving. These assaults on personal dignity have major consequences on physical and mental health and for society as a whole. 45% of women who become victims of sexual violence experience post-traumatic stress*. In addition sexual violence can also increase risk-taking behavior like drug and alcohol abuse and engaging in risky sexual behavior**; the majority of the victims are women. According to UN Women (2008), one of the seven causes of violence against women is due to a ‘lack of protection’.

The groups that benefit from the product are target groups mostly in the form of customers. The company makes a social impact on society by developing and spreading preventative solutions, knowledge and overall awareness. The Invi Bracelet is designed to empower people to protect themselves. A pilot study conducted in Rotterdam showed that participants wearing the Invi Bracelet felt safer and more confident. Many self-defense experts Invi has consulted emphasize that a strong and confident appearance can work as a ‘first line of defense’ and decreases chances of an assault. In addition, people who feel safer will participant more in society. Overall they perform better and are more independent. Extra societal cost are avoided and more people have a better chance to thrive in life.

A further goal is to also raise awareness about sexual violence, to disseminate relevant education along with the product as well as open the discussion on the topic.

*Centrum Seksueel Geweld, 2015

**UN women, 2013

After years of thorough research and piloting, the Invi Bracelet has been launched in the Netherlands and Europe. At the moment the company is mainly targeting western customer. However, once a substantial production volume is reached, it is the company’s ambition to implement a tiered pricing model. This will help to make the Invi Bracelet accessible and affordable for people all over the world including the BOP regions.

  • Bracelet
  • Breakable capsule (the pearl)
  • Odoriferous substance
  • DNA dye

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Contact: Roel van der Kamp
Operating in: Netherlands
Organization: Invi


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