• Efficient wood burning cook stove.
  • Efficient wood burning cook stove.

Jiko Chap Chap

A unique and efficient wood burning cook stove that addresses consumer needs by providing ergonomic improvements to compliment traditional cooking styles. Our patent pending technology provides:

- The option of cooking 1, 2 or 3 pots simultaneously from one fire source.

- A design that grips pots of various sizes allowing the cook to stir the contents without having to hold onto the cooking pot. The fire is contained inside the stove making it easy to start in poor conditions and out of harm’s way from children.

- We have a vertically fed fuel system so that as the wood burns it feeds itself into the stove, this allows the operator the luxury of attending to other chores whilst the food is cooking. Spare parts are available for the stove that can be easily fitted by the owner, extending the life of the stove for a fraction of the upfront cost. The stoves come in a range of sizes to suit cooking requirements and consumer budgets.

35% of global emissions that contribute to climate change come from the 3 billion people worldwide cooking on an open fire. This inefficient use of fuel leads to 3 million deaths each year, unprecedented levels of deforestation, and soil erosion. Develatech's efficient stoves reduce wood consumption by 60%, CO and particulate emissions by 87%. With every stove we provide a pack of 30 indigenous tree seeds and an information booklet explaining how to nurture the seedlings and the economic value after 5 and 10 years.

Our current stoves range from 23.5 USD to 100 USD - small domestic to institutional. We are developing an entry level stove aimed a 15.60 USD. We have micro finance partnerships to assist our customers in breaking down the upfront cost of the purchase. Average fuel consumption for people who use a traditional open fire and purchase wood is 23.50 USD per month. Using a Jiko Chap Chap they would only need to spend 9.40 USD. Therefore in less than 3 months the stove would have paid for itself

Stage of development: produced in serial production

- 87% emission reduction with the our Jiko Chap Chap stove as compared to the three stone fire, making it one of the highest performing efficient stoves in its class (by Nairobi University).

- 64% saving in fuel consumption compared to three stone fires (Study conducted by Eco Frontiers)

- Most liked features about our stove: speed of cooking, saves wood and easy to use.  with 85% of the people answering that they liked the speed of cooking.

Key Facts

Organization: Develatech Ltd
Contact: Jonathan Baker
Email: info@develatech.com
Used by: Kenya

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