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With our specially adapted LifeShift Sterilizer we offer to  doctors in developing countries a completely new type of device, which will - by the mere use of solar energy - clean, disinfect and sterilize contaminated surgical instruments. Because of its integrated water treatment plant our new device produces the necessarily clean water even from contaminated water of rivers or the sea. Due to the use of solar energy the device is completely self-sufficient and independent of any supply of electricity or gas. In case of fluctuating sunshine a new type of storage technology enables the safe use of solar energy in medical technology. The device is consistent with CE regulations. Furthermore, it is extremely robust and can easily be operated. It is aimed for the use in rural developing areas, for example by African doctors and their assistants. As the device is integrated into a backpack it can easily be carried to any remote region. The technical feasibility is proved by the University of Cassel. A functional prototype will be developed by the end of 2014. A technical prototype will be constructed one year later. By the middle of 2016 the device should be on the market.

In many rural developing areas infectious diseases such as AIDS or tuberculosis are passed on because of non-sterile surgical instruments. Injuries at work, at play or in the household can lead to serious illnesses because conventional devices for purification and sterilization do not work sufficiently on site. Conventional devices need a stable power supply and distilled water. Therefore, they are unsuitable for developing areas.

The LifeShift Sterilizers will be sold to businesses, private persons and societies, who tend to be socially engaged. The growing CSR-market and the widespread readiness to give donations appear to be a solid basis. The customers shall have a say as to where the LifeShift Sterilizer is sent. We also expect NGOs to purchase the LifeShift Sterilizers for their emergency services. Some big companies as well as private persons have already made confirmed reservations for the LifeShift Sterilizer. In developing, producing and selling the medical rucksack we offer a niche product on an attractive market. In 2016 the device will enter the market.

Stage of development: prototype

Water treatment

Raw water source         Wells, rivers, lakes

Treatment processes    Filtration and distillation

Product water quality    Free from particles > 0,3µm, minerals, heavy metals

Cleaning and disinfection

Surgical instruments      With a plain surface, without holes: e.g. scissors, scalpels, needles, acutenaculums

Treatment processes    Washing and disinfection at 93°C

Reduction of germs      About 10e-5

Performance                3 to 4 cycles per day


Surgical instruments     Specified above

Treatment processes    Sterilization with hot humidity at more than 120°C for 15 minutes

Reduction of germs      Until 10e-6

Performance                3 to 4 cycles per day

Key Facts

Organization: RSO Shift
Contact: Raphael Schönweitz

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