LishaBora provides input and practices, and co-manages outputs for Kenya’s smallholder dairy farmers to enable more informed farm management and unlock banking and credit solutions. By sourcing quality-assured dry-feeds and animal health products with delivery to the farmer, we improve access to inputs and reduce costs for smallholders. By engaging our customers with forage management and best farming practices, we ensure their cow’s productivity is not hindered by forage shortages or preventable diseases. To scale our high-quality feeds, forage management and best farming practices, LishaBora works with dairy traders, representing the informal market where 70% of milk sales are generated. By formalizing and digitizing their milk collection process through LishaBora’s android application, we improve market access for smallholders, and provide no-risk, interest-free credit to farmers. LishaBora is the only feed company working throughout the dairy value chain, addressing the systemic issues of low milk production, high input cost, and low point of sale that keep smallholders trapped in poverty.

With over two million smallholder dairy farmers in Kenya contributing to 7% of Kenya’s 70 Billion USD GDP, smallholder farmers are key players in Kenya’s agriculture industry and entire economy. However, these farmers are only managing to produce 30% of their cows’ milk potential due to high cost of inputs, poor access to market, and poor management practices resulting in farmers earning less than 2 USD per day. The current value chain is filled with distrust between smallholder farmers and feed producers that push their dry-feed products to account for 80% of a farmer’s costs. Farmers equate best dairy practices with the best dry feed product, a 1.5 billion USD industry, while forage management, cow health, and bookkeeping practices are afterthoughts. LishaBora is the only company working throughout the dairy value chain with both the formal and informal market to increase milk production, reduce costs and raise the profitability of both the smallholder farmer and the dairy trader.

LishaBora is the only company working with the informal dairy market to digitize, improve bookkeeping practices, and grow a dairy trader’s business. Most other interventions in the dairy chain have focused on the formal market and do not interact with the informal. Our differentiator is our android application, a product that dairy traders use to digitize the daily processes of milk collection and accounting, and provides bi-monthly payouts to their farmers.

We provide the dairy trader with business metrics and data analytics. This unlocks banking and credit solutions for both farmers and traders, making farmers bankable and building credit scores. Through this application dairy traders can offer our dairy feeds as well as offering our forage management and best farming practices to their farmers. No other feed manufactures offer forage management and best farming practices, they just sell bags of feed and do not work directly with the farmer.

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Organization: LishaBora Ltd.
Contact: David Lipinski
Operating in: Kenya


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