Livox is a software application with intelligent algorithms that enables challenged people to communicate and learn. It develops assistive technologies to understand a person’s specificities in order to provide a resolution for the different needs of people with disabilities. The creator of Livox, Carlos Pereira, is the father of an 11-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy. Livox was first tested with her and then at a rehab center for people with a wide range of disabilities. Livox’s software is available on Android devices which uses algorithms for motor, cognitive and visual disorders. It is easily adaptable for each person, as disabilities range in type and degree. It uses different interfaces depending on the user's need: those who can or can’t read, those who can or can’t see, and for those who don't understand abstract concepts.

It uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to make people with disabilities communicate well. This supports better access to education and is currently used widely in schools to teach people with disabilities how to read, how to write and even complex concepts like Math. The use of the application also opens better employment opportunities. 

More than one million people globally are affected by some kind of disability. A vast number suffer from verbal and learning challenges that put them at a high risk of social exclusion. Livox empowers this community by giving them a voice and opening wide opportunities for education and employment.  Livox provides three unique services by providing algorithms for motor, cognitive, visual and hearing impairments. Those who can't use Livox with their hands can use it with their eyes. The software is packed with customized services and does not need any additional expensive hardware support systems. Through the use of its Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, people can communicate up to 20 times faster.

Livox is already serving over 25,000 people across 10 countries: Brazil, Argentina, United States, Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Portugal, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. Through a joint venture in the Middle-East, they are distributing to North Africa and Arabic countries. The software is available in 25 languages. Primarily, their beneficiaries are parents, families of disabled people, governments, institutions, schools and hospitals.

Livox is a for-profit enterprise at an expansion stage of manufacturing and distribution. Its regional dissemination is supported by distribution partners in the various geographies who use their local expertise support in translation and sale of the software. The business has adopted a dual strategy approach with both a B2B strategy targeted at governments, donors, schools and associations and B2C strategy targeted at families. The baseline price is for Livox is 25 USD per user, per month. However, the prices vary depending on the country's GDP and HDI. In this way, they aim to reach out widely to developing regions.

Livox provides users with impulses to develop communication and learning through its multimedia platform. It has over 20,000 images available in its database, besides audio and video resources.  When the user touches them the application prompts the audio linked with the image or video in a standard format. It produces the possible correct options depending on the time, location and context. It is designed to show fewer items but more meaningful ones that make the response selection for a disabled person much easier. This allows them to communicate at a much faster rate.

  • Livox works in Android tablets from version 5.0 and above.
  • It functions efficiently on cheaper Andriod devices. The only requirement is to install the software.

Key Facts

Organization: Livox International LLC
Contact: Carlos Pereira
Operating in: Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Jordan, Egypt, Portugal, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico


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