• The Mobile Solar Cell Phone Charger MSCC is a mobile charging point, which can be attached to bicycles and mopeds.

Mobile Solar Kiosk

ARED developed a smart distribution platform that consist of 4 key technology component (Solar kiosk, WIFI router, IOT, and mobile apps) to revolutionize the distribution of digital services and online offline connectivity for low income people in rural and semi urban areas. We also incorporated a micro franchise model to bring economic opportunities to communities we serve especially women and people with disabilities. Our technology is modular, easy to assemble and maintain and was developed exactly to answer the harsh condition of the Rural areas. Shiriki Hub is the first and only one stop shop platform on the continent today.



Most African countries are moving into the digital space, with government services going digital, mobile money etc… Unfortunately, people in rural areas do not have the same access to those services due to the fragmentation of the value chain, lack of access to energy and poor connectivity solution. Still less than 30% of the people access the internet in East Africa, and less than 40% of access to electricity in their homes. People spend a lot of time accessing basic services such as mobile money, phone charges, government services.

Our direct impact is the job creation we bring especially among women and people with disabilities. We recruit train women and people with disabilities to operated the kiosk and generate a revenue from the services sold from the kiosk. We bring a support system needed for micro business to be successful. Our micro franchisees earn double compare to the revenue per capita in the countries of operation and bring additional income to their household. Our indirect impact is the convenience and time people save by using our one stop shop platform. People sometimes have to walk miles to access those services.

  • 150 watts solar panel
  • 2 wheels
  • 20 sub port to charge phone
  • 2 USB speakers
  • 40ah lithium batteries
  • Wireless router offering 3G or 4G connection
  • Back end software system
  • Sensor technology such as motion sensor, GPS sensor, temperature sensor, charging sensor.
  • Mobile app to sale services.
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Uganda, Nigeria, Ivory coast

Key Facts

Organization: ARED GROUP
Website: http://www.a-r-e-d.com/
Contact: Henri Nyakarundi
Email: henri@a-r-e-d.com
Operating in: Rwanda, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Nigeria

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