NABU.ORG is a publishing network providing original, local language content for young readers to increase access to literacy. NABU.ORG’s technology platform launched in 2017, and delivers content on a diverse range of devices. Today, it's the fastest growing app providing curated content in Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Rwanda. Where print books are scarce and extremely difficult to distribute, mobile phone networks are spreading; 1.6 billion people in economically developing countries will own a phone by 2020. NABU.ORG harnesses the power of wide-spread, cost effective technology to democratize access to literacy. The app is currently available via the Google Play store in Rwanda, and accessible via waitlist in Haiti and Democratic Republic of Congo.

NABU.ORG also runs Writer Workshops to help community-based illustrators and writers develop original content for young learners. Where there is a severe shortage of local language books, we offer training on book writing software and facilitate the creation of high quality, levelled reading books. This content is desperately needed, as 40% of children globally are not taught in a language they speak or understand. Local language reading books at the early grades build children’s confidence in reading, and are essential to help them bridge the gap to literacy in English and other national languages.

Right now, hundreds of millions of children are at great risk of exploitation because they leave school without the ability to read or write. Literacy is the fundamental prerequisite to achieving sustainability and creating opportunity worldwide - if all children could read by the time they left school, global poverty would drop 12%. But limited access to local language books prevents children from learning to read in languages they already understand. The current shortage of early grade level reading books leaves 250 million children worldwide without the basic tools that they need to learn how to read.

NABU.ORG addresses this huge challenge by creating a new publishing network that democratizes access to literacy. When children can read in their local language first, they grow in confidence, and literacy levels shoot up. By offering training for writers and illustrators, NABU.ORG creates original local language books that support children in learning how to read. NABU.ORG is an omnipresent publishing network that can distribute this content to billions globally.

What problems is NABU.ORG aiming to solve?

  • 250 million children globally cannot read or write - even after four years at school
  • If every child could read by the time they left school, there would be a 12% drop in world poverty
  • Local language books have positive effects on children’s self-esteem and confidence in reading

Key Facts

Contact: Isabel Sheinman
Operating in: United States, Rwanda, Haiti
Organization: NABU.ORG


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