• Nazava Water Filters provide the safest and best affordable household water treatment.

Nazava Water Filters

Nazava Water Filters provides the 4.4 billion people that do not have access to safe, treated water in their house with the safest and most affordable household water treatment solution.

We empower mothers with the convenience of having a free-flow of safe drinking water in their house. With Nazava mothers have healthier families, whilst saving time and money for water treatment and reducing CO2 emissions.

Nazava develops and distributes household water filters for the BOP. We enable households that earn less than 7USD/day to purify their well or tap water without the need to boil or use electricity. For just 30 USD households can purify 7000 liters; which makes the costs per liter 8x cheaper than buying bottled water or 3x cheaper than boiling water. These reduced costs enable households to save over US$ 100/year. Nazava replaces the need to boil water with unrenewable sources, such as wood or LPG, to make it safe to drink. In 2019 our carbon credits will be sold on the voluntary gold market. Each filter reduces 0.27 tCO2e per filter per year (GoldStandard).

Globally, 4.4 billion people have no access to treated water in their house (Dalberg, 2017). In most countries, piped water is not safe for consumption. Households either have to buy or boil their drinking water, which costs can add up to more than US$ 100/year. Besides, boiling water and transporting bottled water causes CO2 emissions. Globally women carry the burden of providing drinking water to their families.

Lack of access to safe drinking water is one of the main causes for diarrhoea. In 2016, diarrhoea was the eighth leading cause of mortality, responsible for more than 1·6 million deaths. More than a quarter of diarrhoeal deaths occurred among children younger than 5 years, and about 90% of diarrhoeal deaths occurred in south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. (Lancet, 2018)

Indonesia has a population of 260 million people but 72% of the population gets their water from a well. As there is no sewage system most of this water is contaminated with e-coly bacteria. For the 150 million Indonesians that earn less than $7 per day, this causes diseases, leads to high expenses to obtain safe drinking water, disproportionately affects women and harms the environment.  

The problems that Nazava Water Filters address are: 1) diseases caused by lack of access to safe drinking water and unsafe storage of boiled water; 2) high costs of obtaining safe drinking water; 3) disproportionate burden for women to provide safe drinking water to their families; 4) greenhouse gas emissions caused by boiling water on wood or LPG 5) the distribution of the technology to remote areas.

To date, we have reached over 700,000 people with access to safe drinking water. Our customers have saved nearly US$ 15 million through reduced water treatment costs, they reduced 30k ton Co2 emissions and women have saved 4,700 days or 19 years of work through reduced hassling with water for treatment.

Nazava’s main filter model is the Nazava Riam which has an upper container to collect the dirty water and a lower container with a tap for the drinking water. Both containers have a volume of 16 liter. The water purifier is designed by Delft University. The water filter system is equipped with a high-quality ceramic filter which is easy to transport and replace. It is filled with activated carbon and anti-microbial silver which removes 99.9% of all bacteria and produces water that complies with WHO standards. It has a filtration capacity of up to 7000 liters at 2-3 liters per hour.

The filter candle lasts for two years, and than needs to be replaced. The ceramic element can be used as fertilizer, the plastic lid should can be recycled.

The retail price is US$ 30, the replacement filter costs US$ 8.  It enables households to filter tap or rain water at 1/3 of the costs of boiling water and 1/8 of the costs of buying water.

Stage of development: ready for serial production


  • Bacterial Removal Effectiveness: 99.99% (log5.5)
  • Tested in 16 labs around the world
  • Produces water that complies to national standards
  • Can be used with fresh water (not chemically polluted)


  • Filters up to 7,000 liters (> 1 year)
  • At 2-3 liters per hour (but high turbidity lowers filtration speed)
  • Models vary in size from 2x6 liters, 2x13,5 liters or 2x27,5 liters

Easy and convenient

  • Easy installation, cleaning & replacement
  • Retail price: > 24 USD
  • Replacement filter: 9,80 USD
  • 17 different models tailor made for every type of household
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Indonesia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan

Key Facts

Organization: Nazava Water Filters
Website: https://www.nazava.com
Contact: Lieselotte Heederik
Email: lisa@nazava.com
Operating in: Indonesia, Ethiopia

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