Petrusfilter powered by Nazava

Petrusfilter powered by Nazava is a portable and versatile water purification system designed for the wilderness, remote settlements and emergency relief around the globe, either in warm or cold climates.

It provides access to potable, clean and healthy water for people in remote and resource-limited settings. The filter is reliable, affordable, lightweight and easy to use.

Petrusfilter is composed of two storage pouches. The first contains a ceramic filter and the second stores filtered water. Both storage pouches can maintain water sealed and safe from contamination. The second pouch stores filtered water and has a small plastic tap to supply water. The Petrusfilter storage pouches are made of food grade plastic. The Nazava ceramic filter meets WHO protocol for removal of bacteria and protozoa (99.9%) from beginning to end of filter life.

Many people around the world lack access to safe and clean drinking water, especially after surviving natural hazards or when fleeing their home country from poverty or war.

The water purification system do not only serve survivors of natural hazards and refugees but also other individuals and families, like indigenous communities, farmers, miners, amongst others. Expeditors benefit from the portable device as well.

The Petrusfilter powered by Nazava kit saves energy because there is no need to use electric appliance to filter water. The filtering process is done via gravity. The less use of energy and cooking stove emits less carbon to the atmosphere.

  • Light weight: (280 grams) and easy to carry anywhere
  • Small size: 30 x 18,60 x 6,0 cm
  • Fast filtration: 1.5 liters in 20 minutes 
  • Quality materials: food grade plastic / aluminum for healthy water storage
  • Ceramic filter: long lasting capacity of 7000 liter
  • Micro pores (0.4 micrometers): with nano-silver remove dirt and 99.99% of bacteria from the water.

Brazil, Indonesia, Scotland, Germany, Tanzania, India

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Organization: Petrusfilter powered by Nazava
Contact: Ricardo Braun
Operating in: Brazil, Indonesia


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