• Maintenance free, solar energy operated water pump system for drinking water supply as well as irrigation.
  • Maintenance free, solar energy operated water pump system for drinking water supply as well as irrigation.

Pumpmakers DIY Solar Pump

The DIY Solar Pump System is a maintenance free, solar energy operated water pump system that can be used for drinking water supply as well as irrigation. In developing regions 90% of used pumping systems are hand pumps which require high maintenance. Existing wells can be equipped with the DIY Solar pump trough a Do-it-yourself system and provide water to up to 1000 people daily. Currently the pumping system is still produced in Austria, but it is intended to shift the production close to the demanding markets.

“In the Maasai region I saw people walk over 30 miles a day searching for scarce amounts of water for their families. I saw broken hand pumps because of lack of maintenance. I saw fuel driven water pumps not working because of the lack of money to run them. Existing water wells were outdated and needed to be improved. This brought me to the idea of building a solar-powered water pump that avoids these disadvantages and can be manufactured locally. Water is our most precious resource. Water is life.” Dietmar Stuck, CEO & Founder

Around the world, nearly 800 million people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. The DIY Solar Pump is a solar-powered water well pump that once built, is maintenance free and saltwater resistant, combating many problems that exist in today’s water pumps. The pump is independent from electric power supply with the potential to reach waterways up to 100 meters deep. This can provide up to 20,000 liters and clean water for 1,000 people a day.

Price depends on following different factors:
well depth, quantity of water and quantity of systems.
Today we are on piece production and NOW we want to change this to give as many people as possible access to our know-how and technology to reduce the shortage of water and poverty worldwide.

Furthermore, for people who cannot afford, we are planning on our Pumpmakers Platform a Microfinance Concept to supply also the poorest regions with access to WATER.

Stage of development: ready for serial production

Implementation Requirements: water well

The DIY Solar Pump has been designed to ensure 

  •  no running costs
  • efficiently pumps up to a depth of 100 m / 300 ft
  •  optional hand pump
  • requires NO maintenance at all
  • salt water resistant
  • can be manufactured all over the world to foster local economic development
  • can easily be assembled  locally, using local skills and parts.

The Pumpmakers platform gives everyone free access to easy-to-use DIY instructions, constructions plans & videos to build and install our DIY Solar Pump.

Platform includes:

  • Social Network
  • Instructions for DIY construction of the DIY Solar Pump
  • Web shop to buy parts the cannot organized locally
  • Business concept
  • Support
  • Microfinance
  • Crowd funding
  • App

Key Facts

Organization: PM Pumpmakers GmbH
Website: http://www.pumpmakers.com
Contact: Dietmar Stuck
Email: office@pumpmakers.com
Operating in: Austria

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