• ReMotion Knee is an affordable, polycentric prosthetic knee designed for amputees in developing countries.
  • ReMotion Knee is an affordable, polycentric prosthetic knee designed for amputees in developing countries.

ReMotion Knee

ReMotion Knee is an affordable, polycentric prosthetic knee designed for amputees in developing countries. Using durable, polymer-based materials with proven polycentric mechanism, instead of the typical steel or titanium, the ReMotion Knee is designed to improve usability and manufacturability. It has simple, universal attachments to interface with standard prosthetic leg systems, is made up of five components and four standard fasteners and weighs less than 0.5 kg – one of the lightest knees on the market. The knee’s 165-degree range of motion makes movements possible that are relevant to local cultures. Its lifespan has shown to exceed 3-5 years (3 million gait cycles), which is consistent with the benchmark set by prosthetics available on Western markets.

The solution also addresses sensitive user issues, such as smooth and quiet operation, critical quality and bandwidth problems with local manufacturing through injection molding for mass production.

In contrast to industrial countries, where health systems offer care for amputees, the existence of those living in developing and threshold countries is often threatened by their handicap. If the amputee is also the breadwinner of the family, their survival is frequently put at risk. For children the handicap means not being able to go to school. Therefore the value of high-tech prosthesis is priceless.

Prosthetic knee joints are the most expensive component in a prosthetic leg system. Too often, the cheapest and most common designs, such as single-axis knee joints (acts similarly to a door hinge), are mechanically unstable and many amputees wear them in a locked (peg-leg) position. Polycentric and hydraulic mechanical joints have better performing gaits, but are very expensive with costs ranging from 1,400 to 50,000 USD. Left with limited options, many amputees resort to improvised prosthetics made from wood and metal scraps, donations of previously-worn components, or they use makeshift wooden staffs or crutches.

The ReMotion Knee has remobilized over 11,000 amputees in 32 countries, allowing them to start or return to jobs and school.

Unlike other prosthetic knees, ReMotion is optimized for the environment (agricultural and outdoor exposure), physical activities (kneeling and squatting), and it is adjusted to the price requirements of low-resource users.  Extensive testing, including fatigue, long-term wear, ultimate strength, and kinematic gait analysis, has proven the robustness of the ReMotion Knee joint and its ability to withstand heavy usage in rugged environments. Above-knee amputees fitted with the knee can now hold jobs that used to be too physically demanding, such as standing for hours, peddling, or walking long distances. This means that amputees can return to work or school and will be able to lead independent, productive lives.



Number of amputees fit: 11,000+

Material: Polymer-based materials with proven polycentric mechanism, composed of five components and four standard fasteners

Weight: Less than 0.5 kg.

Lifecycle: At least 3–5 years (3 million gait cycles)

Characteristics: 165-degree range of motion, universal attachments interface with standard prosthetic leg systems

Required conditions: Trained level 3 prosthetist, clinic that is able to appropriately fit patients and provide necessary standard follow-up care                       

Costs: Less than 80 USD

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India, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Fiji

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Organization: D-Rev (Design Revolution) - United States
Website: www.d-rev.org
Contact: Krista Donaldson
Email: kdonaldson@d-rev.org
Operating in: United States, India, Uganda

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