• SMSGYAN provides Internet to the offline world.
  • SMSGYAN provides Internet to the offline world.
  • SMSGYAN provides Internet to the offline world.
  • SMSGYAN provides Internet to the offline world.

SMSGYAN – Information & Communication

The solution titled SMSGYAN (Gyan meaning “knowledge” in Hindi) acts as a bridge for digital divides by providing Internet to the offline world. SMSGYAN provides information services, such as access to a dictionary, an encyclopaedia, job search, health information, stock markets etc., via text messages. For the user, it is a simple and cheap way to search the Internet via text. The mobile user types an SMS with the query and sends it to 55444. Once the Gyan engine receives a query from a mobile user, the algorithm spiders the World Wide Web or Wikis on the Web for related information, zeroes in on the most relevant inputs and shortens it to be sent back to the mobile phone via the text message route. SMSGYAN currently works only in India, but will be transferred to other developing countries. The services are offered on a revenue sharing basis with the operator (0.01 Euro per SMS or 0.30 Euro flat rate per month). 

The majority of the population in developing countries such as India still do not have access to the Internet although there is widespread use of mobile phones. As one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal targets, the World Summit of the Information Society committed to connect villages with ICTs by 2015. With improved access, people will be able to aquire a wide range of beneficial information that can help them to learn about opportunities and to improve their daily life.

SMSGYAN provides Internet-based services to people who have a cell phone but no Internet access. It is a new, simple, end-user friendly way to search the Internet via SMS. It can be used to get a wide range of information, from crop prices or educational information, all the way to vital health information. The price for the end-user is affordable. The costs are covered through a revenue sharing basis with the operator.

Technology: SMS as frontend for web search.  A specially developed gateway (Gyan engine) interprets the SMS query, extracts and compacts search results.

Characteristic: The internet search returns a max. 500 characters result to the inquirer. Q&A and keyword formats including What, Why, Where, Who etc. which enables queries are supported

Required device on user-side: Mobile phone

Key Facts

Organization: Innoz Technologies - India
Website: http://innoz.in/
Contact: Deepak Ravindran
Email: deepak@innoz.in
Used by: India

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