SolarFountain improves health in rural communities in Africa through the provision of safe drinking water and through access to clean solar energy. Solar-powered kiosks equipped with water filtration systems are the focal point of Solar Fountain's activities. These kiosks will be operated by local small companies on the basis of a social franchise model. In the process, secure jobs will be created in rural regions.

SolarFountain has chosen Kenya as the first country, in which pilot projects will be implemented. The first solar-water-kiosk is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2016. The SolarFountain kiosks will be implemented together with local partners and operated by micro-entrepreneurs.

Neglected Communities do not develop their potential and scarce individual, community, and national resources are constantly wasted.
Many individuals leave their communities behind in search of better (economic) opportunities.
In many communities, the lack of access to basic goods and services is a key bottleneck for development.
If available at all, infrastructure is often poorly maintained and quickly deteriorates over time.

SolarFountain gGmbH is a social business that has committed itself to improving the livelihoods of individuals in remote communities in developing countries. It was founded by Siemens Stiftung and Solarkiosk AG in 2015 and draws on the extensive experiences of these two actors in the international development sector.  At the center of its activities is a community hub which employs modern technology to provide individuals with an access to clean energy and safe drinking water as well as other basic products and services. The SolarFountain community hubs are equipped both with solar panels that produce environmentally-friendly electricity for homes and small businesses and with a micro filtration system that filters contaminated raw water. A social franchise approach enables reliable maintenance and economic sustainability for local micro-entrepreneurs.

Key Facts

Organization: SolarFountain gGmbH
Contact:: Marek Wallenfels
Used in: Kenya

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