• The SunSaluter is a dual-incentive passive solar tracking and water filtration system.
  • The SunSaluter is a dual-incentive passive solar tracking and water filtration system.
  • The SunSaluter is a dual-incentive passive solar tracking and water filtration system.
  • The SunSaluter is a dual-incentive passive solar tracking and water filtration system.


The SunSaluter is a passive solar tracking and water filtration system, which optimizes existing solar infrastructure by collecting up to 40% more energy and simultaneously providing clean drinking water. Solar tracking is achieved through balancing the weight on both ends of the solar panel. Controlled water flow adapts the balance of the solar panel, which is secured on a frame with a rotatable axis, to the direction of the solar radiation. 

SunSaluter’s design boosts a solar panel’s output, allowing people to gain several extra hours of electricity per day. It can be built with local materials (such as bamboo, wood or recycled metal) in a couple of hours at almost no cost. While designed for developing countries, SunSaluter can be used around the world as an answer to many challenges, from providing relief during natural disasters to generating power for remote locations.  The technology can be fitted with a simple water filter, making several litres of clean drinking water as the tracker slowly rotates via a water clock to follow the sun. A guide to building a SunSaluter is available at

Access to clean drinking water and electricity are important cornerstones in basic supply. Converting solar energy to electricity offers many benefits in terms of efficiency and sustainability, especially in areas with much sunlight and poor infrastructure regarding central power supply. One major deficiency of the panels currently in use is that they are installed statically and cannot follow the course of the sun. Although electric motors exist which can rotate the panels towards the sunlight, they require electricity, a high degree of maintenance and are expensive to install.

The SunSaluter aids impoverished communities in meeting their needs for both electricity and clean water. With this invention, a family can increase its access to electrity, as well as, to clean drinking water. The main parts of the SunSaluter can be constructed locally; the system is easy to install and at a price of under 40 USD for material costs, also single families can afford it. The SunSaluter is primarily suitable for small PV systems, generating electricity to charge phones, lighting or operating a small TV. This invention can replace other energy sources which can either be damaging, such as kerosene or filling lamps, or require long distances to be procured.

Material: Aluminium, bamboo, silver-coated ceramic or biosand

Areas of use: Tropical and subtropical regions                      

Manufacturing costs solar tracking: 40 US Dollar     

Costs water filter: 10 US Dollar

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The winning solution "SunSaluter" stimulates the efficient use of solar energy in developing countries.

Asia: India

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda 

North America: Mexico

Key Facts

Organization: SunSaluter
Website: www.sunsaluter.com
Contact: Eden Full
Email: eden@sunsaluter.com
Operating in: India, United States

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