TakaTaka Solutions: Affordable and environmentally friendly waste management

Urban Kenya is faced by a waste management problem. In Nairobi, 2.5 out 3.5 million people cannot afford waste collection services. Farmers in rural areas are faced by declining soil fertility, which negatively affects their productivity and income. TakaTaka Solutions is a Nairobi-based social enterprise that provides end-to-end waste management services. By recycling and composting 95% of waste, TakaTaka Solutions is able to provide affordable waste management services to all income areas while at the same time providing farmers with high quality compost (organic fertilizer) that increases soil fertility.

Waste management is a major challenge in developing countries, such as Kenya. The public sector struggles to run an effective and efficient waste management system due to poor planning and lack of finances. Private sector waste collection companies only collect waste to dispose it at badly managed dumpsites. This neglects the potential value of waste. As a consequence, waste management becomes so expensive that 66% of Nairobi’s inhabitants (2.5 million people) cannot afford it. These are mainly people living in lower income areas.  Uncollected waste causes severe health, sanitation and environmental problems.

TakaTaka Solutions is able to offer affordable waste management services for as low as 1 USD per household per month. This is made possible as TakaTaka Solutions recycles 95% of the waste instead of disposing it in a costly manner at dumpsites.

TakaTaka Solutions' current operations:

  • 50 tonnes of waste collected per day (95% is recycled and composted)
  • Serving 15,000 households (around 60,000 people)
  • Two recycling points and one composting plant
  • 250 employees (60% women) employees receive health insurance and other benefits
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Key Facts

Organization: TakaTaka Solutions
Website: www.takatakasolutions.com
Contact: Daniel Paffenholz
Email: info@takatakasolutions.com
Operating in: Kenya


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